Refundable deposit: Payment by express procedures

Payments for the repayable advance payment No. 4 and No. 5 will be paid by express procedures. Based on the plan of the Deputy Minister of Finance Th. and the end of the month. In the same way will be made the payments for the repayable deposit No5 in order to be completed by the holidays. In this way the government aims at the immediate financial support of the beneficiaries so that they can meet their increased needs. At the same time, according to circles of the Ministry of Finance, the planning predicts that support measures will continue to be taken until April based on the data available to date on the evolution of the pandemic. The repayable advance In the coming days the electronic is expected to open platform of the Independent Public Revenue Authority (AADE) that will indicate the applications companies and professionals for government loans over 1 billion euros, which will be given through the repayable advance 4. This was announced by the Minister of Finance Christos Staikouras, speaking to ERT, emphasizing that the goal is to make most of the disbursements by November 30. It is estimated that the beneficiaries will reach 150,000. The repayable advance 4 will concern those affected based on turnover data for the months of September and October (based on active KAD on 5/11/2020). They must not have fallen into inactivity or bankruptcy. For the first time, a refundable deposit and sole proprietorships without an employee and a cash register are entitled. They are granted 1,000 euros while 2,000 euros or more will be received by those who closed by state order. For those affected, a drop in turnover of 20% is required, based on the data they will declare before making the application to 50% is not returned to the public, but on the condition of maintaining the same number of employees in companies with staff, by March 2021. The remaining 50% is expected to be returned in 40 installments from 2022 to 2025, with an interest-free grace period until December 2021 and an annual interest rate of 7.4% from 2022. Follow it on Google News and be the first to know all newsSee all the latest News from Greece and the World, at

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