Refundable deposit: How much money will be disbursed depending on the applications

By the end of the week, the platform for submitting applications for the granting of the “Refundable Advance 4” will have been opened, estimated from the floor of Parliament, the Minister of Finance Chr. Staikouras answering a topical question of the Ilia MP of the Movement for Change M. Katrini on “insufficient measures announced by the government for the world of the market” .3.4 billion euros in seven months Staikouras submitted the latest data on the amount of money that has gone to the real economy through the repayable advances. As he said, 145,132 unique TINs have been given so far, some of which also received a Refundable Advance Payment 1 and 2 or some combination: These TINs “were distributed 3.4 billion euros in seven months” said Mr. Staikouras. Speaking specifically about the implementation of the 4th cycle of the Repayable Advance Payment, he said that “he will present directly the amount of aid to which the company is entitled, if it meets the criteria”. We hope, he added, that by Friday or sometime during the weekend the platform will open, and next week, as was our schedule, a significant amount will be disbursed depending on the requests made by the companies “, which liquidity injection. He also estimated that by the end of the year the repayable advance will exceed 5 billion euros, and “if we add to this the other financial instruments available, such as the TEPIX and the guarantee mechanism, then the total liquidity injection is expected to exceed 11 to 12 billion euros by 2020 “. Source: APE-BEA Follow it on Google News and be the first to know all the news See all the latest news from Greece and the world, at

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