Refundable deposit 4: The money will be paid at the end of November

The decision on the repayable advance is expected to be issued in the next few days. for the repayable advance The ministerial decision will specify the conditions for the inclusion of companies in the metro of “Repayable Advance 4” of 1 billion euros which will provide for the retention of 50% of the state loan in the company’s coffers as it will be considered a grant. A new round of repayable advance payments will be extended. Overall, small and large companies, the self-employed, engineers, lawyers, etc. affected by the pandemic and are in the 522 KAD, but also those companies that have been closed by state order, can participate in government loans. “Refundable Advance Payment 4” will be granted, enhanced, in November, based on the fall in turnover in the period September – October. Who are eligible? machine, provided that they show a reduction in turnover of 20% and have a minimum reference turnover of 300 euros. Especially companies that close by state order are entitled to participate in the “Refundable Advance 4”, regardless of their turnover, if they have a minimum reference turnover of 300 euros. Also, new companies now have the right to participate. Individual companies without employees will receive a fixed amount of 1,000 euros in the “Refundable Advance 4” after taking into account a mathematical formula for calculating the amount of funding. For the rest of the companies, a mathematical formula will apply, with a minimum of 1,000 euros. The rest of the companies 2,000 euros or more that will be determined after calculation with mathematical formula. Similar conditions apply to the repayable advance 5, amounting to 700 million euros, which will start in January 2021, while according to information the measure will continue and, as everything shows, there will be a refundable deposit 6. Follow it on Google News and be the first to know all the news See all the latest News from Greece and the World, at

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