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Trapped “in Trikala in the two straits”, like Sakaflias of Tsitsanis’ well-known song, he seems to be President Kyriakos on the issue of reorganization. He had it ready for October 15, but the second and most serious wave of the pandemic broke out and for this reason he avoided – and rightly so – attempted it. You make a reshuffle to reset the counter, to renew your political staff, to shuffle the deck we used to say, and to buy political time. With the pandemic showing its teeth, what remodeling to do, and how to do it. The second (“narrow”…) that makes the reorganization prohibitive is the continuous… demands of SYRIZA for resignations of ministers! .. Within two weeks he demanded the resignation of 6-7 ministers and deputy ministers of the government. If he logically reshaped someone or some of these 6-7 he would either move them or (opera and most logically for two or three) he would send them home. So he would solemnly justify Tsipras, who is currently receiving strong criticism because all he is doing is asking for the resignation of ministers. Given this, the reshuffle is lost in the depths of time, I believe. And not unjustly (for Kyriakos). Since man is trapped, we said it at the beginning. Sakaflias in the good sense… e-Eye Bath Now that everything has happened with distance education and we have been informed – even the last patriot in Pindos – that this devil’s invention called the Internet does not reside in our parts, but comes to us from abroad , and we learned that there is a Cisco which is among the companies that provide the Internet worldwide and it had the problem not the distance education, it’s time to tell some truths about where the Greeks use the Internet. First, in the relevant list , the source of data consumption is the well-known subscription platform for movies and TV series NETFLIX. Here is – well behind in data consumption – the well-known YouTube to which users mainly use to listen and watch video clips, and third in a row the reason for data consumption is – be careful, please – the… bags !!! In my case, it belongs to the Ministry of e-Government and others, which had warned the government as a whole and the leadership of the Ministry of Education secondarily about the dangers of “falling” e-learning during children’s lessons. It is assumed that some moves were made towards foreign providers in order to increase the supply of data to Greece, but as it turned out, the volume they provided (?) Did not seem to be enough, or at least such as to cover the needs of e-learning. Obviously not enough. We are in quarantine. Shouldn’t the fanatic Ellinaras throw it in the pockets? Now that it has nothing to do? E-Eye Bath IIKA And in all the previous, if you add up the hyperactivity of many of us and you on social media, one easily realizes that the Internet case is not an easy story, and the problems that shows, they have a multiplier which is called lockdown and if not taken care of (in the sense that if there are no forecasts…) the whole country can “fall”… Of course there are – for all – safety valves so that key sectors of the State and its key sectors State should not be affected by any problems in the management of the Internet, but no one ever knows what can happen overnight. Pornhub can say that nothing can be interesting, and the Greeks can rush for nothing mass eye baths… The “thorns” of the SMS In the meantime the government is “looking” to find ways to restrict the movement of citizens by using the five-digit number 13033. As a prominent government official told me (it is not possible to be more specific on this), they are very concerned about the fact that every day they send to 13033 about 4.5 million SMS from users who want to move. At the same time, the image on the streets does not resemble the image of a country that is in lockdown and therefore “something must be done”. But what if, in order to restrict a person’s movements, they must first be controlled? How many times a day did a person send the code 2 for shopping in the supermarket, 1 for a visit to the pharmacy, 2 for going to the bakery and 1 for a visit to the doctor – all four times in one day, but this is not right in 13033 to calculate it, and put a cutter. Or how does it happen and suddenly after 9 there is a storm of messages with code 6 for street sports, which means that suddenly the Greeks became athletes, the most fit people in the world? For this to happen, the government official told me, we must check This means that we will check the person’s phone number, see how often he sends messages to 13033, on what topic, etc. And then we will go into more personal details, if he has a second phone, if he uses it in the same way, if he really does sports with codes he has sent from both phones, etc. etc. – that is, to become “ready to be bound by the Personal Data Authority”, without a second discussion! Indeed, as it stands, the Independent Authority is a problem. But to become Bergamo in a few days, due to disobedience to the measures, is I consider much more serious. I think… “Holes” quarantineOn the other hand, I have a vague suspicion that the laxity shown by the government in the face of the phenomenon of “all of Athens on the streets” is due neither to inaction nor to omission. But that may be a conscious act to somewhat limit the reactions from this second quarantine that has created suffocation in the market and many problems for people who are forced to stay indoors. Otherwise, there would have been more intensive road checks, and the movement of people and cars would have been limited for this reason. Here comes the unthinkable – traffic has not been restricted in the slightest. Be like any everyday day its levels. And let the world go by as if the famous quarantine had never been declared. Yes, okay, no problem, but let’s not go crazy after the coronavirus cases will increase instead of decrease. Nor because the quarantine, instead of being completed and ending at the end of November, will be extended some 15 days later. Nor because at some point there will be a total ban on cars from 9 pm. To be explained… Follow it on Google News and be the first to know all the news See all the latest News from Greece and the World, at

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