Rapid tests: Fast yes, reliable maybe

At a time when the US Department of Health has begun distributing antigen tests for the new coronavirus, also known as the rapid test, to the states, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) warns that such testing may give erroneous results. Especially in healthy people who do not follow the instructions for use. Unlike the molecular PCR method, which detects viral genetic material and is considered the best diagnostic test, rapid tests detect only “antigens”, ie virus proteins that could These tests are believed to offer lower reliability than PCR, but give results within 15 minutes and at a much lower cost. False Positive The FDA warned on Tuesday that “false positive results may result from antigen tests, including when users do not follow the instructions for use. ”The service may not explicitly discourage use warns that healthy individuals, however, warns that “in general, antigen tests are indicated for the detection of SARS-CoV-2 antigens in samples taken with the permission of persons suspected by health authorities of a specific Covid infection-19 In other words, the FDA does not encourage the use of rapid test by healthy individuals, as there is a risk of misuse and a false positive result. Instead, the service encourages confirmation of PCR results where appropriate. In fact, although the federal authorities have given the green light for the widespread use of rapid tests, including in schools, the FDA has licensed these diagnostic products only for use in symptomatic individuals. Even health workers who are theoretically in should not consider the results of antigen tests definitive: “The FDA has received false positives associated with antigen testing in nursing homes […] “It’s continuing to monitor and evaluate these reports,” the agency said in a statement. New Guidelines lines emphasizing that rapid tests are not recommended for asymptomatic individuals who have no history of contact with Covid-19 patients. In addition, test takers should be informed of their limitations. Speaking to Bloomberg, Louisiana’s pandemic management committee accused the federal Department of Health and Human Services of ordering hundreds of “I think it’s reckless,” said the epidemiologist. The state of Oregon has also issued a recommendation not to use rapid tests in the asymptomatic population, citing doubts about their reliability. Oregon, however, does not recommend confirmation of positive PCR results, saying that both methods are not always reliable. Covid-19 symptoms that occur negatively in rapid tests. In any case, experts emphasize, those who undergo a negative antigen test should not be reassured and consider that they will remain safe from the coronavirus in the future. Follow it on Google News and be the first to know all the news See all the latest News from Greece and the World, at

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