Rafinia: Warrior made for Olympiacos

Olympiakos lined up in the derby with Panathinaikos having many absences of first-class players and in these cases the main issue for a team is victory. And the champions achieved their goal by prevailing 1-0, thanks to the goal of Costas Fortounis in the first half There is no doubt that the international midfielder of the red and whites has a central position in the “canvas” of the match, however the one who did everything and has the title of MVP is Rafinia. Everyone distinguished in yesterday’s match that the Brazilian back can do the difference although he played at the left end of the defense and not the right. Martins was looking for a way to fill the gap of Cholebas. He gave a “transfer” to Rafinias and the Latin American back justified him, with his best appearance so far with the jersey of Olympiakos. It was a night taken from the glorious past of the Brazilian. A night that reminded me of nights spent in Bayern and made the difference in the Munich team. Rafinia was enjoyable in the derby against Panathinaikos and did all the work for his team. He was dominant throughout the field and the one who judged the result, with a full appearance in a special match. Because no one should forget that for the big matches you also want the big players who will bring out the leading personality on the field. So it is a given that Rafinia showed that he is a warrior made for Olympiakos. Of course, we did not expect this game to recognize the talent and potential of the Brazilian. However, the appearance of the experienced defender in yesterday’s match was impressive and Rafinia is the one who gets the top score. He was the one who created many problems with his promotions. in the area of ​​Panathinaikos. From his own effort on the left came the goal of Fortounis that decided the game in Oh, he was the one who had decisive interventions in the back whenever needed. Especially the tackle in the phase with Mauricio, was “all the money” as Rafinia cut his compatriot in an exceptional way, just before he shot from a very good position against Sa.O. An experienced fullback is more than valuable and his presence in the match against Panathinaikos shows how much he can offer to Piraeus in a very demanding season. Because no one should forget that the great player can make a difference when he gives what he has and does not And Rafinia gave it his all in the game with the “greens” showing with his appearance that he had understood very well what this match means for Olympiakos. Follow it on Google News and be the first to know all the news See all the latest news from Greece and the World, at

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