Rafinia: Football is not the same without people

The point of view of a footballer with Rafinia performances is of paramount importance. That is why the Brazilian right back did not hide his ambition to help younger players with their experiences. “To teach them to grow up,” he said characteristically. Rafinha also referred to the absence of fans due to the pandemic and the next games with Atromitos and Marseille. In detail, Rafinha’s statements to Nova: team with so many absences. “Those of us who were here did a great job and we are well prepared for the next games.” I’m moving west in my career and I have to help young people, when I was in their position I liked it to happen. I would very much like to teach young people how to become great footballers and achieve what I have achieved. “On the return of people to the stadium:” The problem caused by the absence of people is obvious. Football cannot be the same without people. It is like being a singer and there is no one below to watch you and applaud you. It is very difficult to perform in such an atmosphere, but on the other hand we have to look at the issue of health. If the authorities decide that the spectators can return to the stadium safely and calmly, I am in favor. Olympiacos will be a completely different team when it plays with the people at its side. But above all, it is health. “Football may come back a little later, the most important thing is to respect health right now, and when it’s ready to take the next step, we obviously want the world on our side.” game is always next. So the immediate game is with Atromitos. There is no reason to think of a game that will come in a few days. We just have to think about the game that is coming, everything else is far away “.

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