Protopsalti and her guests aroused the MEGA audience

The viewers of the big channel had a wonderful musical night on Friday night with Alkisti Protopsalti. songs-stations from her huge personal discography and covering the whole range of her collaborations, the singer woke up the audience that embraced this Friday the show “At home with MEGA”. “I am deeply excited to be in this wonderful theater, at the Municipal Theater of Piraeus, which really is a jewel in the city. The memories and thoughts that come from 1996 when I did here the show “Like a volcano that wakes up”, overwhelm me and descend with great speed to this wonderful place. I want to say a big thank you to MEGA for the beautiful hospitality. A huge thank you to three of my friends, wonderful artists, who are here with me, Dimitra Galani, Mario Frangoulis and Nikos Portokaloglou. The truth is that I really miss you. But I hope that through music our soul and our heart will meet you “, said the beloved singer at the beginning of the night.” But lives do not separate like this… “” Sensitive, exuberant with an angelic voice. Versatile and generous. She has written the music in four of my songs and for that I will be grateful forever. He has written “Skandal”, “Dikaioma”, “Prolavaino”, “And we are still alive”. The most important thing is that her voice, her soul has written in my heart “. With these words, Alkistis Protopsalti welcomed her first guest, Dimitra Galani, on the stage of the Municipal Theater of Piraeus. Immediately after, the two of them enchanted the television audience singing a duet “Trava skandali” to music by Dimitra Galani and lyrics by Myrtos Kontova, but also another song, “If you called me” together with “Dodeka”, with their special voices. The last medley emerged from the appearances of the two artists on VOX. Two great ladies of Greek song who with their voice have traveled thousands of Greeks for decades have given MEGA great musical moments. Protopsalti and Galani shared with the audience the stories behind their great successes and the way one of them “stole” songs from the other. “Come close, do not go back” tone of voice. Unique in its kind, very rock, but also very emotional “. With these words, Alkistis Protopsalti welcomed Nikos Portokaloglou to Friday’s concert at MEGA. “I will say that we have been watching each other for so many years, decades, we never happened to work together, until you invited me to do that concert this summer. “at the Sani Festival, one of the magical moments I have left is a song that that night you” stole “it and made it your own”, said Nikos Portokaloglou from his side, going up to the stage of the Municipal Theater of Piraeus, inviting “I do not forgive us”, in music and lyrics by Nikos Portokaloglou, with the unique voice of Alkisti Protopsaltis, but also “My dark sea” in music and lyrics by Nikos Portokaloglou, with the voices of both in a shocking moment of the music night. “Canto, per chi non ha fortuna” “Unique voice, seductive on stage, multi-talented and very good friend”. With these words Alkistis Pr welcomed to the music scene of MEGA otopsalti a great Greek artist, Mario Frangoulis. The internationally renowned artist expressed his admiration and love for the singer and together they sang unforgettable songs.

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