Prophecies: It will be like a lockdown, but it will not be (for some)

The announcement of the new restrictive measures is coming and you are preparing for another March. But somewhere inside you know that it will not be the same. And this is probably the first time that the second part of a serial (and even a thriller) has the same suspense as the first cycle. You do not know what will happen to the economy, your work, when several branches will open and for how much longer you will have to send an sms to walk in the park. So in relation to the first quarantine, many employees work in their offices and not from their home. There is also no fear of the first wave. Because at that time the scientists did not know much about the virus and its transmission. This time the closure in the houses may not look like the one in the spring, but several branches finally closed again. Branches with many employees. The traffic on the streets is not reminiscent of quarantine. And rightly many representatives of the Greek economy – mainly retail – are wondering why they are closed. Why are clothing stores closed? Why are bookstores closed? Some of us work. But some – as in the first lockdown – do not work. And I say again that the trade associations are amazed by the padlocks. And several representatives of restaurants. Okay, the bars to close makes sense. But the restaurants showed great responsibility. Like the shops. Observing the protection measures. Why did we get here? The explanation is one: the national health system is under pressure. And in fact it is on its limits. And with sadness I find a basic similarity between the first and the second “closing” of the country. In addition to the absence of fun – then as now – those who should, for so many months, moved as if a pandemic would not come. Follow it on Google News and be the first to know all the news See all the latest news from Greece and the world, at

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