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Can a forbidden zone of ideas be understood? Can we, in a society of liberal choices, draw lines prohibiting extremist and violent speech? Is violent speech tolerable? Or to punish and exclude any tolerance for the threat it poses to the Republic? This is the eternal problem, which lies in the question: should the enemies of freedom have freedom? Only one answer establishes the strong and indivisible front of battle and defense of the core of the Republic. Yes. Let the enemies of freedom have freedom. The Law in a Democracy that exists, lives and fights is the weapon in the struggle. It does not forbid speech, it punishes actions. Any different choice would lead to self-denial and impasse. If we become others to protect the good of Democracy and Freedom, we will have already catalyzed it. If the enemy leads us to imitate his methods he will have won. The alteration of ourselves will be his victory. In the last years of the crisis the violent speech, this precursor of the violent act, spread like a black cloud. We now know its poisonous and toxic rain. It is in our hands, in our decision, in our determination to cancel and eliminate in practice the violent speech. Our inaction and inaction was to blame. If Demosthenes was watching us, he would say bitterly repeating his words to the Athenians: “you were not defeated, you did not move” (according to Philip III). Let experience become a weapon. Lefteris Kousoulis is a political scientist

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