Proclamation for the vagrants of ASOEE – For the dangerous fascist Christos Pappas … are we flying an eagle?

On the one hand you have a dragon of vagrants, mostly extracurriculars who humiliate a rector. A bunch of pseudo-revolutionaries who are supposedly activist and want to change universities using fascist methods. They may also be provocateurs among themselves seeking the “dynamic” state invasion of universities. Because surely there are very few who demean the student movement. And what does the state do? He endorses them, in fact with the not insignificant amount of 100 thousand euros. If this is not a confession of failure to properly manage problems in Education then what is? On the other hand you have a fascist with a stamp. A patented neo-Nazi who is wanted. Christos Pappas, the “little Führer” of Golden Dawn has spoken out in Democracy and Justice and has been hiding for days. Not to mention how he escaped when the Police themselves assured that there is not a single case in the trillion to happen. And not to remind that a large part of the ELAS staff voted for Golden Dawn. Did you see anyone approving Christos Pappas? With 10, 100 or 500 thousand euros? Why can those who defiled the former ASOEE and insulted the rector in this way be idiots, idiots or fascists, but isn’t Pappas a fascist and dangerous? of the Citizen for a bunch of bums, for the one who gave orders to beat or even kill people, what should he do? To believe the promises that Pappas will be arrested and will go to prison, where he belongs. But until then, how do we deal with it? How do we deal with a key member of the criminal organization? And why don’t we call on the citizens, for a hefty fee, to provide information so that the authorities can arrest him? So what is the government doing? It creates a country of traitors and hooded men who will “give” the other hooded fascists of the Universities. The state does everything to arrest all those who insult democracy. Either they are vagrants in the Universities or they are neo-Nazis who sowed hatred and division in Greece. And this applies to everything. And for the coronavirus. You do not threaten the children in the squares, nor do you impose fines on anyone who forgets their mask, but you do not say a word and you are a hen in front of metropolitans who show your tongue ostentatiously. But we said. Austerity where it takes them, not where it should be. Follow it on Google News and be the first to know all the news See all the latest News from Greece and the World, at

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