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According to British media, Prince William, the son of Prince Charles and Princess Diana, fell ill with Covid-19 last April, but did not want his adventure to be known. According to British reports, Buckingham doctors took care of him following the government’s instructions for self-isolation: the prince chose to quarantine the royal family home in Norfolk. According to those who told this beautiful story, Prince William did not make the matter public because he did not want to cause concern to the people at that time. “There were important things happening then and I did not want to worry anyone,” the blue-blooded Englishman was quoted as saying by the Sun to justify his decision, according to the Sun. From this story you understand two things. The first is that the virus strikes everyone and the second is that even the Prince of England searched and found an excuse to understand why he did not want his illness to be known. Which is not the case with athletes competing in Greece. Names More and more often in recent days we learn that there are cases in a team without always learning the names of those who got sick or caught the virus without further complications and symptoms. We did not find out who the players of Aris were positive in the tests – not even the factors: I remind you that the team of Thessaloniki had more than ten cases a few days ago. We did not find out who were the two PAO basketball players who fell ill and their illness caused the postponement of the match between PAO and Khimki. We did not find out who were the players of Apollon who got stuck and led to the postponement of the match with Lamia. Why; Unknown. Skeptical Last summer, when the tests started to have the restart and completion of the championship, the players were quite skeptical about their accuracy. A well-known person, when it became known that he tested positive, mocked the announcement of his illness with a post on Instagram, which he downloaded after prompts. He also said that the fact that he was positive is due to his team, which is trying to ruin his transfer in this way: incredible things. Another begged that his illness not be made public so that he could travel: they explained to him that this was a criminal offense and he calmed down. When the protocol was changed and in order for the match to be postponed, there must be three new cases on its eve (and not one like until August), several players have requested that their name not be made known. As if they do not have a virus, but cholera. Weak Why is this happening? Some people think that knowing that they are sick makes them weak in the eyes of the world. Many athletes believe that they are little superman that no kryptonite can stop them. They think that they have gifts that you do not find in ordinary people and that as exceptional they can not stick to anything! They do not hide it for essential reasons, but because they believe that the revelation will spoil the image of the terrible athlete they have built: it can not be a coincidence that the bionic Mandy Kamara when it became known that he stuck the Covid-19 uploaded to Instagram a photo that he seemed to be training – as if he wanted to show that nothing, not even Covid-19, was stopping him. Still others believe that they will be recorded in the minds of the people as vulnerable, as athletes, that is, prone to diseases, and that this may cost them something in their future contract. All this testifies to only one thing: a holy insecurity with which the athlete coexists. And which the cursed virus simply brings to light. Cristiano In some cases something else has been recorded: that athletes do not want their small temporary problem to be known because they do not want disruptions in their social life and restrictions. Cristiano Ronaldo, who cares more about his physical condition and body than anyone else, had been accused by the Portuguese of the health service, but also by Italians who dealt with him when he returned to Turin, that he was bad and uncooperative and that he shook his head asymptomatically: it does not seem strange to me. When you believe that the whole world belongs to you, you can not stand restrictions. And Cristiano, with his millions of followers on social media, did not dare to make his adventure public to his fans – almost no one does. Cases like that of Vierinias, who made it known by asking PAOK fans just to have a little patience to see him on the pitch again, are probably the exception to the rule. Examples: what happened to them. They do not need to be self-critical or make excuses: catching the virus when you have a social life and spend hours at work with many people is probably easier said than done. Athletes can not work from home, nor can they keep their distance from each other, nor run with masks, so any crash with the virus is easy. Therefore they should try to be useful to society as a whole: to share their experience, to explain how easy it is to get it, to give their lights and of course to reassure those who may have been terrified by the pandemic. With this responsibility, they are playing hide and seek. Ibra. Based on the general attitudes and reactions, I confess that the most beautiful one lately has been that of the great Zlatan Ibrahimovic. And the 39-year-old Milan star caught the virus, as did many others. He, however, not only did not hide but with an amazing video he made known both his story and its conclusion. “I caught the virus, but I defeated it and I’m not afraid of anything,” he says in a blush, before a smile pops up. And after he does, he adds that he did it because he is Zlatan Ibrahimovic. “And because you are not Zlatan, be careful,” he says. And he recommends “masks everywhere and always to win”. Just great. Follow it on Google News and be the first to know all the news See all the latest News from Greece and the World, at

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