PPC: “Freezes” the burden of consumers from the emergency RES fee

PPC “freezes” the burden of consumers from the supplier fee imposed for the consolidation of the financing account of Renewable Energy Sources. “PPC will not pass on the cost. We treat it as a COVID measure and recognizing the difficult situation we choose to absorb the costs “, company sources told APE-MPE, when asked about the” package “of measures for RES announced yesterday. The measures include the imposition of an extraordinary contribution of 110 million euros to electricity producers from RES and an equal burden of energy suppliers with the imposition of an emergency fee (PPC and competitors active in the market). PPC clarifies – through RES – that this burden will not be passed on to consumers. PPC ‘s competitors, alternative electricity suppliers are free to formulate their own trade policy, but it is obvious that PPC’ s policy is taken into account. of measures announced yesterday by RIS includes two parts: On the one hand, cash measures aimed at the consolidation of the account (ELAPE) through which the producers of “green” energy are paid. According to official forecasts, if no measures were taken, the bill would show a deficit of 217 million euros at the end of the year and multiply in the coming years, resulting in delays or inability to pay RES producers. According to the competent Administrator (DAPEEP) the main reason for the deficit was the reduction of energy consumption due to the pandemic, which limited the revenues of RES units from the electricity market. On the other hand, structural measures aimed at the participation of RES in the energy system with market conditions. As RIS notes, the main goal of the regulations is to increase the penetration of RES in the country in a controlled and controlled way, while at the same time to create the conditions for the widest possible use of the most successful and effective tool internationally, the EU Target Model. PPC with recent statements of the president and CEO George Stassis was in favor of the integration of RES in the market, noting that now renewable sources are completely competitive. Follow it on Google News and be the first to know all the news See all the latest news from Greece and World, in

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