Pothen Esches: The submission of declarations is extended until the end of February

The provisions introduced by the amendment of the Ministry of Justice were presented at noon on Tuesday in the Plenary Session, Konstantinos Tsiaras, during the discussion of the bill on e-commerce. submission of declarations of assets and financial interests – where did you come from? The extension was deemed necessary given the general restriction of traffic to limit the spread of the coronavirus. of the JM with which the operation of the courts was suspended. Ex officio, by act of the president of the department or the referee, the day and time of the hearing in the court is set in the shortest available trial.-Issues related to the disciplinary and judicial bodies of football are regulated. In particular, it becomes possible to set up the disciplinary committee of the EPO, which is one of its statutes, the first instance disciplinary body and consists of first instance judges. “The proposed amendment is necessary to streamline the functioning of football’s disciplinary and judicial bodies,” he said. “A transitional provision is being introduced for the tenure of already serving judges in football’s disciplinary and judicial bodies,” cases in the disciplinary and judicial bodies of football by the already formed committees without delay in their trial. “Follow it on Google News and be the first to know all the news.

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