Polytechnic: the ban makes the choice a task

I do not know how they thought about the government in relation to the universal ban on all public gatherings. I do not know if they realized what associations the ban on all rallies would create “in the whole territory”, in a country that has passed dictatorship. I do not know if they counted the pandemic issues or the traditional annoyance of a section of the Right for this demonstration. The point is that a fundamental right cannot be suspended in this way. Because this is indeed an authoritarian diversion. Especially when we all know that There would be no “danger”. In the midst of a pandemic, they would knock me down in force. Crowds would not descend on the demonstration. The organizations and parties that called for it clearly talked about masks, distances and more symbolic practices. , on Obama visit, does not rule out the problem. And that ban was unacceptable. And yet the government insisted on going to a ban line. But this, whether it wants to understand it or not, raises the issue of democracy. Because democracy is not just elections every four years. “Democracy is a set of rights, including strike and demonstration. Obviously in the face of the pandemic we agreed that there would be changes in our lives and many things would change. We did not agree or decide to repeal the Constitution. I do not know if the government will understand the mistake it has made and will proceed to what is imposed by the basic democratic logic. But I know that in any case some things must be secured in practice. Democracy is ultimately an individual responsibility. moments that would be an option – such as whether someone will go down to the demonstration of the Polytechnic – becomes a task. So simple. Google News and be the first to know all the newsSee all the latest News from Greece and the World, at

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