Polytechnic 2020: The right to equality

By Themistoklis Xanthopoulos * The Senate of the Polytechnic, honoring the tradition of the Foundation and its current mission, summarized the real dimension of the events related to the entry of police forces in the historic complex of Patissia on the eve of November 17. As a bearer of the memories from my three-decade tenure at the Foundation and the two-year tenure of the Rector (1997 – 2003), let me, in addition to congratulating the Senate, to observe the following: handcuffed students to police stations because they exercised their right to equality at home, claiming, as then, the self-evident demands for a sustainable quality of life in conditions of global and destructive dystopia sad and for the most socio-politically conservative citizen. This is an unjustified and elementary political mistake. It rallied the opposition because it highlighted the major for the coronavirus-exhausted ordinary citizen: the state’s obligations to protect the foundations of democracy and the minimum necessary balances in the post-war labor relations established in its representative democracies. In the 21st century of the transformation of representative democracies into “post-democracies” (Colin Krauts, 2000), the memory of the events at the Polytechnic has long exceeded the limits of a celebration of the ideals of individual and social freedom. After a decade of catastrophic economic downturns and consequent rebates, from all ruling political factions, to our individual and social sovereign rights and obligations, the issue of survival returns with the coronavirus as a “natural disaster” to millions of our fellow citizens. request for bread and education. It is therefore requested from each of us, depending on his capabilities and beyond party identities, the direct and essential participation in ensuring social cohesion and presence, ie emancipation. It is the foundation of the equality of individuals and social sub-groups in decision-making for their present and future without exceptions and is shielded with the necessary superstructures for the universal implementation of equity and parity. * Rector NTUA (1997-2003) Follow it at Google News and be the first to know all the newsSee all the latest News from Greece and the World, at

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