Political immunity in the coronavirus Technologybud

Last Wednesday, the OLME delegation, which reacts to the introduction of electronic voting for the union elections, visited D. Koutsoubas of the KKE, who unequivocally embraced their demand against the so-called techno-fascism and all forms of “We support OLME’s decision to abstain from the electronic electoral process – a travesty imposed by the Ministry of Education and the government”, said the general secretary of the KKE, “at a time when more than ever the mass , collective, process of unions, ELME, lively discussion and exchange of views, the struggle against the wave of new anti-educational, anti-labor, anti-popular measures that are coming this period and the next period “. The man is not ashamed, he says it directly that he wants elections with wells and boogie. Each of us could wonder a lot, such as in what time and place does the Secretary of the KKE live and how is it possible that “Pravda” has not written anything yet about the coronavirus! But I will prefer the utilitarian approach, because the KKE has proved with its history that it knows how to take care of its own interests. How, then, does he not take into account that coronavirus is as endangered as his own? Why does he put them in this danger, since he has few of them? After all, the Soviets, modeled on the KKE, during the first phase of the German invasion in 1941, sent entire unarmed divisions to the front, only to delay. the advance of the Germans. However, the Soviets had people to spend (it was the armament that it lacked), while the KKE does not have. His friends and voters are counted, at about the same steady rate for years – I guess they breed as a family, which is why the population remains stable. Will they not miss him if they get sick and the unfortunate happens to them? How many retirees will he have left to send them on missions, to close one way and the other when not only in terms of the funeral rigidity of the doctrine, but also in terms of contempt for his own faithful, The KKE is very reminiscent of the Church of Greece, which is also indifferent to the consequences of the rallies on its faithful / clients. By the way, what happened to that metropolitan who boasted about his heavenly immunity to the coronavirus, until the day before he was found positive? It’s good to be a man and pass him by, but I imagine that after such a show of infidelity, the Holy Synod would dismiss him by summary proceedings… Biden voted for President Melania (because that is her exact title, since she is not a presidential wife, with full meaning of the term) scandalized by her appearance during the vote. She was wearing, we read, a dress worth $ 4.5 thousand and was holding a very expensive Hermès Kelly bag. The real scandal, in my opinion, is that this may have been the only time in the history of the institution that a presidential wife voted against her prospective husband. I can not, of course, know that as a fact, but it is not necessary. Who does not see it, after four years in the spotlight? Melania Trump is not “his wife”, she is “Melania”, a creature that belongs to the president, as e.g. the presidential dog and the presidential cat, a creature that is typically his wife, but no one who sees the two of them together feels the same. So what could be the greatest and most secret joy for a wife-trophy in her own right? Do not doubt: Melania threw it at Biden! Follow it on Google News and be the first to know all the news See all the latest News from Greece and the World, at

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