Political eating is one thing, mistakes with the coronavirus are another

It can not be explained otherwise. Greece is “eaten” even in critical, national times, because it has a problem. Because the Civil War has left wide open wounds that do not say to close and that appear very often as fights even for the obvious. The “green” and the “blue” cafes, no matter how much effort was made from 1981 onwards, did not close forever The logic of “either me or you” that unfortunately appeared for the first time in the government of a left party, is here. If one sees the messages of the political world for October 28, one will think that indeed Greece is a united country that And yet, national solidarity is only in words. For the real reason, see what happens after the intervention of Tsiodra and the explosion of the coronavirus in Greece. At a critical national moment, when we had to agree on the necessary things, the pandemic has become a “weapon” of the opposition and vice versa. accuses Tsiodras of playing political games. The other says “if you had the power, the country would have collapsed. One is attacking the government because it left the NSS un fortified. The other says “because you did nothing while you were running the country”. A constant eating, counterproductive criticism and no mood for self-criticism. Truths and mistakes. But if both politicians and scientists want to contribute to the place, they must tell the truth, admit mistakes, seek to correct them. And how to we do, some may be upset, but mistakes were made. And their recording has nothing to do with whether SYRIZA will come out on top. It is not a political game to point out the gaps and shake the system to fill them. Are there any buses that can get on the road with repairs? Cut their throats to find money and fix it? Do they need 50, 100 or 200 new drivers? To cut their throats to hire them. Even without bureaucratic procedures since human lives are at stake. Hundreds of thousands of free tests to be done so that people know how to protect themselves? To find the money and make it. Nor should the rulers succumb to blackmail or pleas like “do a lockdown but do it after three days because we are 100% full.” I understand the need for entrepreneurs to make money and cover the gap. summer. But I do not understand why this should be done to the detriment of the health of the citizens. to squat in the squares with the 14-year-olds and not to dare to put in order the uncontrollable priests who do whatever they want. 1,000 intubated. These are paid bugs. At a political cost, but mainly at a cost to human lives. And the most important thing is not to lose 5 or 10 people every day, nor to test the system if it will endure, leading doctors and nurses to their limits. So, eating is politics that has no meaning. And to say that mistakes have been made and should be avoided here and now. Follow it on Google News and be the first to know all the news See all the latest News from Greece and the World, at

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