Polakis: the aspiring leader of the “sprayed”

Pavlos Polakis struck again. Through lockdown and horizontal bans he decided to post – full of pride – a photo where he hangs out with a large group, at a time when it is forbidden to fill even your car with passengers. One will say: “and what happened? “Neither the first nor the last is.” Except that things are not so simple: Polakis is an MP of the official opposition, with SYRIZA not taking a stand against the restrictive measures, while he himself was the Deputy Minister of Health. to put it another way: if SYRIZA or Pavlos Polakis were against the measures and called for mass disobedience, then I would not have a problem. But when they officially call for the observance of the measures – SYRIZA’s war is that lockdown is inevitable, but government is responsible for not taking steps to avoid it – then I have a problem. And I have a problem because such a practice just seems to be a justification in the eyes of all the crap of the “sprayed” who claim that there is no virus, that we are lied to, that it is a conspiracy. MP and former Minister of Health to party as if there is no pandemic, what they will think is: “Look, they all sit together without masks, and they are of” power “, so they lie to us”. And the problem is even bigger. Why Pavlos Polakis has shown a “sprayed” perception of politics in other issues as well. Why does he consider that today SYRIZA does not need to make a programmatic opposition, which is based on a substantial evaluation and self-criticism of his government term, but simply sells maggia, to find easy opponents for goals, to humiliate and generally “caress” the indignation but without giving it perspective and specific demands. Only such a logic is the sure way for SYRIZA to stay in opposition forever. In large parties, there is always room for figures like that of Polakis. In the phase we are in, SYRIZA does not need such figures. Follow it on Google News and be the first to know all the news. or all the latest News from Greece and the World, at

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