Piraeus Bank: New voluntary exit program

Piraeus Bank announced a new program of voluntary departure of employees. As stated in its announcement, the terms and conditions of the program are designed with the aim of achieving the greatest possible financial benefit for employees, taking into account social criteria, as well as the business needs of the bank. The new program provides for a lump sum equivalent to a number of gross salaries, which is determined by criteria such as age, length of service, unit, role and geographical area of ​​employment. Applications that will be made until 11/11/20 are also rewarded. For those employees who wish to explore different career options, the bank, in collaboration with external specialized partners, has designed vocational rehabilitation programs, including entrepreneurship consulting for setting up a new company, while it will announce the ‘Window to Market’ program in order to bring employees directly in contact with companies looking for staff. In addition, through the ‘Brokerage’ program, it is possible to cooperate with alternative networks of third parties for the promotion of the bank’s products. For the participants in the voluntary retirement program, the coverage of medical and hospital care through the bank’s medical program as well as the utilization of of EAPs (Employee Assistance Programs), are maintained for the next 5 years. News and be the first to know all the news See all the latest News from Greece and the World, at

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