Phoebus Delivorias: “The cry of agony of artists has no party sign”

We have exceeded 700 artists from the field of Greek song, who are signing the announcement that asks the state to take immediate measures for our industry, which is the most affected according to the data of ELSTAT. We publish the updated list of our names and remind the requests that we have repeatedly addressed to the state, without having received an answer yet. Any efforts made so far by the state to support the creators, performers and performers of Greek Song do not seem to take into account Considering the fact that we have been hit by time since 2000, first by the discography crisis, after the financial crisis and now by the pandemic. Our cry of agony has no party sign. However, the government must understand that we are on the verge of doing so instantly and bravely and not in deficits and in fragmentary terms. We have shown great zeal in complying with the measures in theaters and concert venues and we believe that we have no responsibility for increasing the spread of the coronavirus, unlike other social structures that have provocatively violated any sanitary measures. of the state, but we see our income disappear completely. During these difficult times, the Music Association of Northern Greece is feeding dozens of families of our colleagues, who are unable to buy the basic items to survive. We could list dozens of substantial support measures taken by European countries to support people. of their culture, declaring in practice that they are respected, valued and supported. We are still waiting for the government’s response to the letter sent by the Greek song (composers, lyricists, singers, musicians) to the state. So our announcement will be the beginning of a series of powerful actions to listen to our anxiety and satisfy the our reasonable and fair requests. In order to be able to survive with dignity and to perform our work in these very difficult conditions, a work of great importance for the mental and social balance of all our fellow citizens. “OUR REQUESTS • Extension of the extraordinary allowance for the coming months. At the same time extension of the unemployment benefit for as long as the cultural spaces remain closed. • Immediate payment of credits and inclusion in the register of artists who did not meet the deadline since the specialties on the platform were added a few days before its expiration. • Possibility for those who have joined in the register to be entitled to the reduction of rent and at the same time not to lose their insurance coverage, those who do not complete the necessary stamps due to the pandemic • Suspension of overdue debts to all institutions and heating allowance . • Extension of the protection measure for our technicians where there is no relevant professional code. equivalent of tele distribution or suspension of VAT on royalties, for the years 2020 and 2021, from 24% today to 6%, as in the case of other cultural goods and services. • Payment by all the state and municipal bodies of Intellectual and Related Rights to our DSOs. • To commit the state Radio and Television Stations for immediate signing of the required licenses for the use of projects and for the payment of the due fee to all DSOs and the EEAS. Ensure that there are penalties for non-paying media. Their debts are high to our DSOs, at a time when the media have been subsidized twice by the government. • Incorporation of the latest European directive guaranteeing copyright and related rights to all digital uses and national repertoire protection measures such as radio and television quota • Suspension of payment of 1% of the Copyright and Related Rights to OPI for the years 2019 and 2020.

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