Petsas in MEGA: Window for faster removal of the lockdown in retail

Government spokesman Stelios Petsas left a window for a faster opening of the retail trade, speaking to MEGA. Areas with a low epidemiological burden. based on the epidemiological burden of each region, left open the possibility of lifting the lockdown for sectors of the economy and social activity before the complete lifting of the horizontal restrictive measures. close) but also retail, which as Mr. Petsas said has shown before that it is not such a large outbreak of coronavirus transmission. However, he noted that all this will depend on the course of the pandemic and all the data that will emerge daily such as the number of cases, the pressure on the health system, etc. “There are areas such as schools – which you heard yesterday in the press conference of the Prime Minister and Mr. Tsiodras to mention that we will constantly monitor the situation – and if the epidemiological burden is low they can open faster, such activities as schools or retail that was seen before that can It is not such a big source of transmission, but this remains to be seen as we move forward in the coming weeks, “said Mr. Petsas, answering the relevant question whether there will be horizontal or gradual lifting of restrictive measures. Stabilization The government spokesman described the fact that today there was no exponential increase in cases and he said that “there seems to be a stabilization and we do not have a leap as we feared for these days. “” If we maintain this on the weekend and Monday-Tuesday then we can be relatively optimistic that the period of three weeks (s.s. lockdown) is sufficient “stressed Stelios Petsas. Reduction of mobility Mr. Petsas compared yesterday’s cases of Belgium (14,903) with those of our country yesterday (2,917) and stated that we are much better than other European countries that are severely affected by the second wave of the pandemic. Asked about the delay in taking measures, he spoke of measures that need proper implementation such as the mandatory use of the mask to be effective must be properly implemented. While noting: “lockdown brings a clear fast and vertical result in “We needed to reduce mobility.” “The main enemy has been complacency and relaxation,” said Petsas, who described the opposition’s interest as “late and hypocritical” and called on Mr Tsipras to leave edge “the statistical tricks”, since they bring out “misery and ignorance”. Finally, when asked about the aid allowance of 800 euros, he underlined that: we will support the workers and the economic activity that is affected “something that is allowed by the proper management of the state budget, as he characteristically noted. Follow it on Google News and be the first to know all the news. See all the latest news from Greece and the world, at

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