Pensions, allowances, registration fees: All payment dates

Towards the end of November, the pensions of the funds will start to be paid, while allowances follow, as well as the payment of traffic taxes for 2021. On Tuesday 24/11, the pensions of IKA, banks and OTE will be given to beneficiaries whose AMKA expires at 1,3,5,7,9, while one day later the beneficiaries whose AMKA expires at 0,2,4,6,8 will receive their pension. On Thursday 26/11 the pensions of OAEE, OGA will be paid and EBRD and on Friday 27/11 the state pensioners will be paid. On Monday, November 30, a number of benefits will be paid, such as the minimum guaranteed income, the child allowance, the birth allowance and the welfare benefits for people with disabilities. Speaking on the show “MEGA Weekend “, Marlen Asimakopoulou, labor expert, noted that the beneficiaries of pensions and retroactive heirs, in order to receive the amounts, will have to make their application electronically on the EFKA platform that opens tomorrow and the inheritance has not been denied, while the σ The pensioner should have died after the eleven months or during it. Retroactive payments are expected to be made for those beneficiaries who received a reduced or zero amount. Panagiotis Pantelis, tax expert, stressed that the heirs will not pay tax on the amounts they will receive. , unlike other retirees who will be required to pay for these amounts later in 2021.Special purpose allowanceAs for the special purpose allowance, state-owned closed companies or those affected by the pandemic can now declare themselves electronically The employees, for their part, do not need to take any action since they have already been suspended before, but they can check, through the company’s accountant, if the data have been entered correctly. It is noted that the payments of the special purpose allowance for November will be made immediately, while the goal is to have complete Freezing auctions and installments In the general context of financial measures, there is a freezing of auctions and installments of loans. Ariadne Nouka, lawyer, noted that there should be a provision from the new year regarding the auctions, while for the suspension He pointed out that the beneficiaries should contact their bank. Regarding the “BRIDGE” program, Ms. Nouka stressed that those who have joined the program will not have their loan installments suspended and will have to pay the amount Traffic feesThe traffic fees must have been paid by 31/12, however this process is expected to be extended. With five clicks, from the website, you can print the traffic fees that correspond to you and The corresponding amount is paid. If the amount is paid electronically there is no commission, while in case you pay the amount through a bank Follow it on Google News and be the first to know all the news See all the latest news from Greece and the world, at

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