Payments: The timetable for the new support package

The month of payments from the state will be December for hundreds of thousands of employees, self-employed, self-employed, businesses and property owners affected by the pandemic. Disbursements will relate to compensation for those suspended, as well as repayable advances, the payment of the loss of the property owners from the obligatory reduction of the real estate. The government gives new breath to the companies and to the self-employed. The payments The detailed package of measures is as follows: November, they will receive, within December, 800 euros, calculated proportionally for the days that were suspended. The Ministry of Labor estimates that the 800 euro allowance will be paid between 20 and 31 December, although according to information there may be two rounds of payments so that employees in companies closed by state order can be paid earlier. Unemployment benefit: All extensions are extended Unemployment benefits that expired and expire in September, October, November and December, by 2 months. That is, for example, unemployment benefit that expires in December is extended until February 2021. Long-term unemployed benefit: A new one-time financial aid of 400 euros is granted to non-subsidized long-term unemployed, in proportion to the April aid. This policy measure concerns approximately 130,000 unemployed people who became long-term unemployed after 1 March 2020. Payments will be made immediately upon confirmation or application by the long-term unemployed. Repayable Advance: The 4th round of the repayable advance of 1 billion euros will start within the month, with the government loans being disbursed from November 24. The 5th round of the refundable advance is expected to be implemented next January. VAT: For companies that are suspended by a public authority order, which now includes retail and other activities, it is possible to suspend payment of VAT, payable in November until April 30, 2021. This debt will be repaid in 12 installments with zero interest rate, or 24 installments with an interest rate of 2.5%, from May 2021 onwards. Rent reduction: From the November rent it is obligatorily reduced by 40% rent for companies that close or are affected by KAD as well as for employees who are placed in the status of suspension of employment contract for the rent of their main residence. Also, the rent is reduced for students who study in a city other than that of their permanent residence, live in a rented house and one of their parents was suspended from employment. Landlords of rent for which the rent is reduced are now entitled to compensation of 50% of the loss of their income. The compensation for the owners will not be offset against their future tax liabilities but will be paid directly to their bank accounts. Follow it on Google News and be the first to know all the news See all the latest news from Greece and the world, at

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