Pavlos Polakis and the grotesque conception of politics

Pavlos Polakis I saw that you decided to deal with Technologybud.And all this because it was written – and immediately corrected – that you were a doctor of the National Health Service. And on this occasion you wrote an entire culvert against Technologybud and one of its executives. And in fact trying to attribute family responsibility. Since when is the Left with family responsibility? Since when does the Left judge, evaluate and stigmatize someone based on their family relationship with someone? Since when has the Left changed its mind and decided to criminalize ? And to have a clear explanation: I am the director of Alter Ego digital media. I am the person responsible for all its websites. I have the final decision on what is written. The lawsuits and extrajudicial cases come to me. So Paul Polaki, if you want to go somewhere, let me go. And as for what Technologybud is, I have to tell you the following. It is a great site, and if you sit down to watch the texts, the writers, the reports, t In the analyzes, you would see that it has a center-left orientation. And if you made the effort to look at the comments, you would see that mainly the extreme right and the Luben on our right are falling for it. However, all these are fine words for you. But let’s talk about the essence of the issue. Pavlos Polakis, in the previous government you were Deputy Minister of Health. Only you know very well that this title was a bit misleading. In the Ministry of Health the work was done mainly by Andreas Xanthos. He “ran” the ministry. You Pavlos Polakis had to have a ministerial title mainly to be able to do the job for which Tsipras wanted you then. That is, to be the representative of neo-Aurianism on social media, to “animate” The party audience and to call them “thick”. A μω Kimonas Koulouris in the popular markets with channel 29 behind him. Why do they basically deal with this, together with your then-close friend Kammenos, the extreme right-wing and nationalist Kammenos, in order to do not forget, whom you have now forgotten. I know you were not always like that. You have not always been a party troll. Do not always wander around with the grotesque aesthetics of a… skin of politics. You did not make “enemies”. But the power changed you. But the worst thing is that you think you are the spearhead of SYRIZA, while you are the problem. Seriously speaking, Tsipras has two options. One is to continue to do politics with the logic of party “pistols” like you. That is, to continue SYRIZA not to have a strategy, to build “enemies” and to embrace the neo-Aurianism they represent Today, politicians like you. The other is to take the historical responsibility that he has today as the leader of a party of the Left. That is, to sit and think about how SYRIZA will propose solutions to the country’s problems, how to work out a program for the way out of the crisis, for health, the economy, education, how it will bring to the fore the people who can help in this and not only the party trolls. And how it will finally make a real opposition to M itsotaki because with your make-up he only offers his service. And Tsipras will make the choice at some point. And then you will find that the trolls are consumable. : And as in the past, I will dedicate a song to you to accompany you. In fishing… And before you go fishing that you love so much and spend so many hours, or after that, it is good to sit down and learn to oppose. It is good to wonder how many Intensive Care Units you had handed over as a minister of a left-wing government. Tell us and how many nurses did you leave in the NSS and how many more were needed for it to function normally. Explain to us why for 4.5 years the hospitals were in a miserable condition, the nursing staff was at its limits, and the “piranhas” continued to eat with golden spoons .And when you tell us all this then you can go fishing στε Follow it on Google News and be the first to know all the news See all the latest News from Greece and the World, at

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