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We are tired of hearing in the public debate of the country commonplace references to democracy, popular sovereignty and individual rights and how we all have to respect them. But there are some rules in a democracy that, if ignored, undermine its very existence. One such issue is that of “disobedience”. In a democratic system, the rules of operation arise from open procedures stemming from the will of popular sovereignty. In other words, through elections, the parliamentary majority decides and imposes rules. That the minority has the right to challenge, to criticize but to have the obligation to implement. Any “disobedience” to rules and decisions is impossible without legal or criminal consequences and consequent political consequences. One of the first expressions of disobedience to the rules of the democratic process and consequently to state mandates was Henry David Thoreau’s book “Walden and Civil Disobedience ยป(1854). Through the point of view of absolute individualism, Thoreau expressed the political positions of the then strong liberal liberalism in American society. He insists that no one, not even the elected authorities, can obstruct the wishes of the people, regardless of their narcissism or destructiveness. This kind of neoconservatism is impossible for me to understand exactly where it intersects with the logic of disobedience of the KKE or Mr. Varoufakis! They argue that state intervention hinders the rational development of economic activity and the state supports any popular claims against the bosses. Contrary to Marxist logic, the state limits the power of market rulers by imposing rules, limits, and restrictions. Thus, any movement of disobedience against the legitimate government leaves the popular strata defenseless against the arbitrariness of the economically and politically powerful! The result of the disobedience of the Greek Left therefore exceeds the limits of political theory and leads to political and democratic impasses. First of all, he shows a disturbing indifference to the equality of all before the law. When there are rules that, for health reasons, apply to everyone, how can the Left demand that a small political elite be excluded from them? When parties that respect the rules of democracy are contemptuously called “parties of obedience”, then the Communist Left calls for in “disobedience” against institutions, rules and procedures. Is it difficult to understand that such behavior logically leads to a call to others to do the same? Who then will intervene so that society does not turn into an arena of war of all against all? And who will protect it, after all, from the encroachment and arbitrariness of the powerful? Does it work within the institutions? Finally, it is an oxymoron for some to call for disobedience to the legal order and at the same time invoke the Constitution to secure their rights! Follow it on Google News and be the first to know all the news See all the latest news from Greece and the world, in

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