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Joe Biden’s victory does not make us happy because he is considered a friend of Greece or because the other was counted as a close associate of Erdogan. It is a provincial view which I do not share, even if it somehow proves to be true. The expectations of our country are legitimate and understandable. But for better or worse we are not a global issue. Biden’s victory makes us happy mainly because we love democracy and the great country that elected him. It makes us happy because the loser was a moving insult to what has shaped Western political culture. a tradition based on understanding, reason, composition and the rule of law. But (shall I say?) and on an aesthetic or a code of values ​​for the exercise of power that began with Jefferson and Lincoln to reach Roosevelt , Kennedy and Barack Obama. We are all children of the three great revolutions. English, American and French, in chronological order. These shaped modern democracy. And not only did they shape it, but they served and defended it when it was threatened. But we are happy for an additional reason. Because we can hope that Biden’s election and Trump’s defeat close a parenthesis of irrationality, populism and vulgarity in the world. In the decade of 2010 all the “flowers of Evil” bloomed. In the USA, in Europe, in Greece, in the world. Maybe it’s time to rediscover our senses. To get away from a disorder that has hurt us all. I am not naive. Returning to some normalcy will not be easy, neither simple, nor immediate. But at least it will be attempted without a saltibago that said to drink bleach to get rid of the coronavirus. Sometimes, you see, the simple and the obvious are not a given. They must be conquered at the ballot box. So for now we are happy. With relief. The good open democratic America came out of the neighborhoods of Detroit, the streets of Philadelphia or the Nevada desert. And he took the bunch. Maybe more difficult than we expected. Nearly 71 million Americans preferred the outgoing. I guess the new president and his government will have to rebuild a lot of debris. I wish he succeeds. But for me the big conclusion is what the good, simplistic Hollywood has taught us in summer cinemas. That in the end the good ones win. They won. from Greece and the World, at

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