Parallel insurance: Hidden debt of 600 million euros for EFKA

There are 62,400 pensions for which the increase of the parallel insurance period has not been added, a fact that creates a hidden debt to EFKA, which exceeds 600 million euros. Years of parallel insurance The issue was raised in a letter to the Minister of Labor Giannis Vroutsi the United Network of Pensioners. According to what the United Network of Pensioners states in its letter, what emerges is that for 55 months, from the entry into force of the “Katrougalos law”, the relevant provision for the recognition of parallel insurance years The implementation of this provision, which is requested by the Single Network of Pensioners in order for the 62,400 retirees who have been waiting for their pensions to be completed for 55 months, leads to a “cost” for EFKA which amounts to 600,600,000 euros. .The calculation of ENDISY is as follows: (350 € average pension X 55 months = 19.250 € / 2 (average 54 months) = 9.625 € X 62.400 beneficiaries = 600,600,000 euros) .The letter of ENDISYAn detailed letter of ENDISY is as follows: “To the Minister of Labor and Social Affairs, G. VroutsiCoin: Members of Parliament55 MONTHS HAVE PASSED AND THE CALCULATION OF THE PARALLEL INSURANCE TIME HAS BEEN MISSING. 62,400 PENSIONS ARE WAITING TO CALCULATE. ARTICLE 36 OF LAW 437/16 HAS NOT APPLIED. 62,400 retirees have been waiting for their pensions to be completed for 55 months. The cost amounts to 600,600,000 euros. months = 19,250 € / 2 (average 54 months) = 9,625 € X 62,400 beneficiaries = 600,600,000 euros). A typical example is what happens in e-EFKA, with the retirement applications of insured persons who will receive a pension under its status so-called parallel insurance (art. 36 of Law 4387/2016), ie when the candidate pensioner happens to be insured simultaneously and for the same period in 2 or more main insurance companies, which after 1.1.2017 joined the e-EFKA.I Older legislation that was in force before the Katrougalos law (Law 3232/2004) provided for the deletion of the parallel time and the choice by the insured of the time he wanted to maintain, in order to be counted in his pension. This was a blatant injustice on the part of the Funds, as the pensioner lost the contributions he had already paid and had no return on his pension. Injustice This injustice was corrected by the above law (Law 4387/2016) and provided for its counting. parallel time for which contributions had been paid, with an increase of 0.075% to the replacement rate on the basis of which the pension would be calculated. The law does NOT apply even though at least 5 different circulars have been issued on the subject (the last one on 17.11.2020 ΕΓΚ.50 / 2020 e-EFKA in application of article 26 of law 4670/2020), at least 65,000 retirees with parallel times have not received the corresponding participation in their pensions. The worst thing is that e-EFKA asks the candidate retirees responsible statements for deleting the parallel time, as if the relevant legislation never intervened. It goes without saying that the previous legislation of law 4387/2016 provided that during the recalculation ) and for those who had applied for a pension before the implementation of the law, the parallel time would be included in the “old” pension through the recalculation process made by the new government, but did not include the increase for the old insured who also is tens of thousands. This is pure “theft”. At this point we ask to include the already retired before the enactment of the law, whose parallel pension is still pending (as already provided by law 4387/2016). Also, the pensions do not seem to have been recalculated in the e-EFKA system on the so-called double pensions. Information leaflets are not posted, and there are thousands of retirees who do not know their personal difference from 1/1/2019. We ask for the obvious…. We ask for the implementation of the law “.” Hidden “debt of 600 million euros” drowns “EFKA! Vroutsis… forgot the parallel insurance time for 62,400… Posted by Single Retirement Network on Friday, November 20, 2020Follow it on Google News and be the first to know all the newsSee all the latest News from Greece and the World, at

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