PAOK “system” stumbles – The trial for multi-ownership is shaking

It is not certain that you have read it, but the story is as follows: yesterday, Monday 26 October of the salvation year 2020, a text was published in the official body of consolidation, according to which “the Gang” (ie, Olympiacos) either sent tolerated the mission or blessed the mission or agreed with the mission to the Appeals Committee of the EPO. on 13 December 2019 (!) of an infamous note, in which threats were made against the active life of regular judges (appellant please) on the occasion of the rejection of his appeal against the first instance penalty of two closed-door matches imposed on him for the events in the match with PAOK. The enjoyable and very revealing text also incorporates the threatening note, which, miraculously, is anonymous, records a simple sending date, does not have a imprinted fax number from which it comes and is not accompanied by any kind of identifier or identifier. the identity of the sender or the shipping process, and much more does not lead to any safe assumption about the intentions or aspirations of the sender. But because the incompetent and stupid “Gang” makes one mistake after another, decided to send the threatening note the day after the decision of the Appeals Committee (12.12.2020) was issued, so what do we need other evidence However, these incompetents, the idiots of the “Gang” did it. How did the note become known and the threats it contains? With his mission to the EPO offices, obviously, “to be registered and distributed to the members of the Appeals Committee” (!) Do not laugh from now on, he has more. And because the note is creepy, extremely threatening and in many respects worthy of special attention the Members of the Appeals Committee, including the President of that period, perceived it as sufficiently worrying, foresaw the terrible effects it would have on their lives and physical integrity, felt a great danger of approaching them and decided to give in to the threats and start resigning, succumbing to the demands of the “Gang”. When and for what reasons did the resignations start? The then Chairman of the Appeals Committee, Mr. Gerasimos Dionysatos, first resigned in February 2020, but because forgot on the street the reason (the threatening note) he resigned because his son was working, without anyone knowing it, at OPEN TV owner of Mr. Savvidis, wife of the owner of PAE. PAOK Before resigning, he even asked the EPO. If the resignation of his son in OPEN TV is indeed an obstacle, the resignation of Mr. Dionysatos (who deeply felt the threat from the note) led the Appeals Committee of the EPO. in a new composition with Mr. Panagiotis Filopoulos as President, Mrs. Vasiliki Vlachopanagiotou as Vice President and Gerasimos Vryonis, Adamantia Gogoli and Nikolaos Voka as Vice-Presidents. issued the well-known decision ratifying the first instance sentence of – 7 degrees, for which they accepted the harshest reaction of PAOK. with a public announcement. They themselves were confronted in July 2020 with the well-known “non-decision” of the CAS and against them a PAOK. to directly threaten them and ask them to resign because they humiliated the Greek justice. Their resignations are recorded successively on 13.07, 14.07, 17.07 and 18.07.2020, with the result that the Appeals Committee is left without members and a new composition needs to be elected. As it easily turns out, all the resignations of the members of the Appeals Committee were made due to the threatening note that the “gangsters” of the “Gang” sent to the protocol of the EPO. on December 13, 2019. Besides, the resignations of February 2020 and July 2020 coincide in time with the sending of the note! It is close! Slowly now the difference, the first being made three months later and the remaining seven months after the note was sent. Time is a relative quantity, Einstein said, so who are we to challenge the greatest physicist of all time? Do you see anything absurd? Can’t an appellant read a registered threat note on December 13, 2019 and feel a threat coming at him in July 2020, thus remembering that he should resign? Now that the President’s son’s job has played a role in the resignations on OPEN TV or the threats of PAOK. after the decision of the Appeals for the multi-property with Xanthi or after the “non-decision” of the CAS. or the revelation that his son works for OPEN TV from a terrorist note sent to the distribution protocol, has no shipments, no FAX number, no liability (wow dude, what are we sitting and writing about!), does not contain any name, no proof, no indication? Slowly now do not put the poor PAOK. and two or three announcements issued in the same scale of terrorism with a shocking, revealing, frightening, inhuman, destructive note that, although it has no identification, but after it was sent to the EPO, “for distribution to the appellants” on December 13, 2019 «the” Gang “sent it. The resignation provoked the resignations seven months later! And beyond all that, it is not the journalistic obligation of an official body of an entire consolidation, which was created to serve and highlight the absolute, unadulterated truth, to publish on October 25, 2020 such a colossal issue that happened on December 13, 2019 and reveals such a serious threat to justice and its officials? Now laugh freely! PS: Such is the terror for the new trial of the multi-ownership case that is coming soon, with the same institutional framework and the same constitutional commitments to the regular judges, that not one, but thirty threatening and terrorist notes will be revealed along the way! Follow it on Google News and be the first to know all the news See all the latest News from Greece and the World, at

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