PAOK – PAS Giannina 2-1: Orgies of “consolidation” for PAOK to win in 91΄!

Neither the VAR, nor the offside lines. Υγ consolidation has a way of making them… invisible too! PAOK got another gift from the… consolidation, from the KED of Klatenberg, from the… top Sidiropoulos who “cleared” to be able to beat PAS Ioannina 2-1 with a goal in the 91st minute of El Kantouri! did not have to count as it appeared in the replay there is a double violation at the beginning of the phase. Tsolak, who heads to El Kantouri, fouls Prisman to clear himself while he seems to be exposed, in an offside position! The orgy is that Sidiropoulos and his team at the VAR, Skoulas and Spyropoulos “ran” to continue in the match, not looking at the phase! They did not even give us the replay with the line given in all the matches for the phase that judged the match at 91 ΄! However, the orgies of the… consolidation had started early to help PAOK. The PAS that preceded with a beautiful goal by Eramouspe in the 31st minute at a time when PAOK was not visible! Apart from a very good moment with Esiti in the 38th PAOK, he had nothing to show. However, the top Sidiropoulos, the “pure child” of the consolidation, had the way. At 45 + 2, Eramuspe gets a card for no reason, in a phase with Vierinias who did not even commit a foul! he did not miss the opportunity and expelled him. With a yellow… PAOK despite the first gift of… top and numerical superiority could not threaten PAS with the only great moment to be recorded at 59 ΄ with the beam of Tzolis. However, that PAOK could not succeed against the heroic PAS, the εξ “consolidation” succeeded. Sidiropoulos “cleared” for PAOK. Simple, nice and. Sanitizing. With him are the VARists, Skoulas, Spyropoulos. The key: Last year we had PAOK TV that lost the phases and the replays. This year in Toumba the VAR was lost again for a while. And from where traditionally in all phases they show us the lines at the end, as happened in the first goal of PAOK, in the goal that decided the match it disappeared… What to show? The foul or the offside? They showed it when everyone was in the locker room. More in a while… PAOK (Garcia): Zivkovic Z., Rodrigo, Varela, Crespo, Pereira (76’Tsolak), Esiti (46΄Zolis), Swab, Zivkovic A., Murg (46 ΠίBisesvar), Vierinia (46΄El Kantouri), SfinderskipAS Giannina (Giannikis): Houtesiotis, Pantelakis, Eramouspe, Saliakas, Pirsman, Kastro, Siontis, Kartalis (80mLolidis) 25΄ Eleftheriadis) Follow it on Google News and be the first to know all the news See all the latest News from Greece and the World, at

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