PAOK is looking for a new Appeals Committee

The adventures he entered, before he was well elected by the General Assembly of the EPO, are known to all. with the vote of the Presidents of the Associations, the new Appeals Committee of the EPO, successor of a previous Committee, whose members were led to resign due to the bullying exercised against them by PAOK, after the well-known decision for the case of multi-ownership with Xanthi. From a led and controlled by A.E.K. and PAOK (suffocatingly control the vast majority of the members of the General Assembly of the EPO) voting, which developed exactly as planned by Giannakis and Makis, with preferred names of candidates for election written on papers circulating in the General Assembly room Five full members and five alternate members were elected. The difference in votes between them reached 400%, as the fifth regular member of the Commission received forty (40) votes and the first alternate was elected with ten (10) votes. followed this guided, fully controlled election of the top judicial body of Greek football overturned the planning of the two Siamese of the consolidation (the third, Alafouzos, simply participates and collects from the bones that fall from the table to the top) and of the new composition of the Appeals Committee two of the alternate members, which the Presidents of the Associations in a sheep In fact, they “disapproved” of the vote, without even knowing them. The new order of things that was formed caused panic in PAOK. and because the Thessalonians are not famous for their composure, they immediately started a “pro-everything” struggle to change the facts, as they considered that the new composition of the Appeals Committee is “uncontrollable” (as the vote sought to show), The case of multi-ownership, in which they are directly involved, will be tried on normal terms and by regular judges. of his daughters with the amateur Olympiakos (they were swimming athletes until 2016) is the first step to force the appellant to resign, paving the way for his replacement, so in a new composition of the Commission. OH OK. passed to the second level: it shows that it is not satisfied with the possible replacement of Mr. Giarenis and is already looking for ways to completely cancel the voting process of the General Assembly of the EPO, ie to cancel the entire new Appeals Committee and to lead the Federation to a new General Assembly for the election of a new Appeals Committee. Mr. Giarenis and do not hesitate to point out his possible criminal responsibilities if the appellant does not give them the opportunity to resign in favor of his replacement from the remaining alternate members. moral and legal order in a planned effort to raise issues of the legitimacy of the Commission composition and to shape the conditions, so that the Justice itself with its organs “cancels” the election process or, even – still, the current legal framework for the election of the football judicial bodies and to form a new one. K. actively participates in the game that is evolving, as it does not want for any reason, to become a party in a process before the Appeals Committee with its current composition, looking forward to another, new election and new faces. What will result from this organized attack against Mr. Giarenis no one can predict it. The moral and legal issue for the judge, as the prosecutors of the penny seek to raise, does not arise and this frightens them even more. It completely disorganizes them and forces them to reveal with publications possible strange paths in the administration of Justice in which they either participate or know participants, so they can influence decisions. This is what they are selling. PAOK is not going to stop. bullying against judges. Today he saw it perform spectacularly and he liked it. Today, we are living the repetition of July 2020, after the “non-decision” of the CAS and the announcement of PAOK. led to the resignation of all the members of the then Appeals Committee. Is Justice ready to allow this horrific apathy against acting judges to be repeated? Follow it on Google News and be the first to know all the news See all the latest news from Greece and the world, in

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