PAOK: Ferreira is leaving and the “black and white” fund is taking a deep breath

Once the transfer of Abel Ferreira to Palmeiras is completed, then PAOK will set a peculiar record: for the first time in its history it will have received money from two consecutive sales of coaches. In June 2019 Al Hilal paid the 2 million euros of the clause in the contract of Razvan Lucescu and persuaded the Romanian to leave Toumba for Saudi Arabia. Now Palmeiras will not pay the 7 million euro buy out for Abel Ferreira, but agreed to the price of 600,000 euros for the Portuguese coach. Furthermore, PAOK’s profit will not be just the money it will receive from Palmeiras. PAE will save about 1 million euros, an amount that corresponded to the salary of the 42-year-old coach from In addition, it is a common secret in Toumba that Abel will be replaced by Pablo Garcia. In addition to his reputation with PAO fans K, which will protect him from deterioration after mistakes and negative results, the Uruguayan has another important qualification for Savvidis: he is cheap. The salary of Garcia and his associates, which he will hardly have, will exceed 150-200,000 euros by at the end of the season. This is a very large saving of resources in operating costs, at a time when it is obvious that the management is acting with the primary aim of rationalizing the budget. but was not eliminated. Palmeiras was presented as a mother from heaven for PAOK. Ferreira continued in Toumba because his dismissal would cost too much and the fund could not afford it. Now, the Portuguese will not only leave Thessaloniki but will also bring profit close to 1.5 million euros. An unexpected ending for Ivan Savvidis. Follow it on Google News and be the first to know all the news See all the latest news from Greece and the World, at

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