PAOK – Eindhoven: He wants to exorcise the Dutch demons

In this case, the evil demons are rushing from the Netherlands and PAOK wants to exorcise them in tonight’s game against Eindhoven in Toumba (5/11, 19:55 Cosmote Sport 3) in the 3rd match day of the Europa League 2020-21. delivery, after all, results in the ominous 6.25% for Dikefalos. This percentage corresponds to PAOK’s victories against Dutch clubs. Although the plural is a form of (written) speech. The Thessalonians have achieved only one victory in a total of 16 games. In fact, it was achieved against their current opponent, but it was not enough for the qualification then. With two goals by Giasemakis and one by Udeze, PAOK had prevailed over Eindhoven 3-2 on 11/23/2000 (that is, 20 years ago) in the 3rd round. of the UEFA Cup, however in the replay on December 6, the Dutch turned the data with the wide 4-1. victories (3-0 at home, 0-1 in Toumba). Overall, PAOK has a performance of 1-8-7 and goals 21-31 in 16 games with Dutch teams. In other words, there is a comforting 50% in the draws, beyond the 43.75% that corresponds to the defeats. On the other hand, Eindhoven counts 12 matches with Greek clubs in the European Cups with an 8-1-3 performance which translates to a winning percentage of 66.7 Touba is hurting him. From there and beyond, PAOK is called to overcome the negative tradition that has expanded in Toumba in the group stage of the Europa League. It is indicative that in the last 13 home games from the group stage onwards (the defeat is noteworthy). 0-3 by Schalke was recorded in the phase of 32 in February 2017) counts only one victory (1-5-7). In fact, he failed to score in eight of these matches. The only team that Dikefalos won was Slovan Liberec (2-0) on 8/12/2016. In other words, almost four years have passed since the last three-pointer won by Dikefalos in the group stage of the Europa League. 8/2016 PAOK – Ajax 1-226 / 7/2016 Ajax – PAOK 1-14 / 8/2010 PAOK – Ajax 3-328 / 7/2010 Ajax – PAOK 1-1EUROPA LEAGUE12 / 12/2013 PAOK – Alkmaar 2-23 / 10/2013 Alkmaar – PAOK 1-1CRIMINAL EUROPA LEAGUE27 / 8/2009 Heerenveen – PAOK 0-020 / 8/2009 PAOK – Heerenveen 1-1CUP UEFA30 / 9/2004 Alkmaar – PAOK 2-116 / 9/2004 PAOK – Alkmaar 2-36 / 12/2001 Eindhoven – PAOK 4-122 / 11/2001 PAOK – Eindhoven 3-27 / 12/2000 PAOK – Eindhoven 0-123 / 11/2000 Eindhoven – PAOK 3-0

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