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I confess that I find it difficult to understand how one can oppose in a pandemic without giving the impression that one is in opposition to theā€¦ pandemic! if we accept that all the governments of the planet are dangerous and incompetent. So obviously they make mistakes and rightly so, but the issue is the pandemic. Not every government. And therefore the general overlaps the special. Example. The opposition is protesting against the means of transportation. Let me accept that. But even if I agree that the government is responsible for the overcrowding in the means of transport in Athens and Thessaloniki, the question is who is responsible for the spread of the virus in Giannina, Kozani or Serres? And in Paris, London or Barcelona where there is no overcrowding because the virus is spreading even faster? The question is how can you oppose without being refuted by logic and facts. Can not. And for that you have to do something else. I remembered a nice story. In April and May 1940, Great Britain collapsed. German troops marched on Europe. In London, they debated whether the royal family should be relocated to Canada for safety. Within the Labor Party, there have been strong reactions to the well-known old-left logic of “ideological purity” or “opposition clash” with the right. instead of fighting with the government over overcrowding, he joined the government himself. Churchill has been a discreet and steadfast supporter of the Prime Minister throughout the war, even when Churchill made controversial moves or manipulations. the laurels. Result? Great Britain won the war. Elections were called immediately. Churchill lost. And the discreet Mr. Atley was elected Prime Minister. You will tell me that this does not happen every day. Agree. But this is not a reason for the others to happen. Follow it on Google News and be the first to know all the news See all the latest News from Greece and the World, at

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