Panathinaikos – Volos 1-1: Shock at 92 ‘

Severely ill and irreparably uncorrected. Panathinaikos was left without a win for the fifth game, the amazing Volos remained standing at the Olympic Stadium and Bologna’s debut was accompanied by the final 1-1 that brings Voliotes to 11 points and Panathinaikos only to three! This time the greens they had everything on their side, they managed to take the lead in the 56. with Carlitos, but they started to make… delays from the 80 ′ instead of looking for a second goal and they paid for it. Bartolo came in 92 ′ in the area to hurt Panathinaikos making the final 1-1, but giving justice to the match since Volos with his image deserved to leave with a scoring advantage. Lost penalty by Carlitos at 55 ′, assist to Mauricio made his debut, Ninis returned to OAKA who played as a substitute. The match Panathinaikos started the game with a great opportunity, an opportunity created by the way Bologna wants to play. That is, with passes in the back of the defense and with their extremes to press area and create cracks. Kourbelis made the pass to Ferrari’s back, with Hatzigiovanis stepping on an area and serving to Carlitos, but the Spaniard executed at once with a left-footed shot sending the ball over the crossbar. Volos had an answer a minute later, with Warda to make a great vertical pass to Ferrari who from the left back was in fourth place, but Dioudis showed his reflexes keeping the score 0-0. A phase that started from a mistake of Hatzigiovanis who did almost what he had done in Crete and brought OFI’s first goal. He made a move backwards, gave the ball to Warda, as a result of which he created a problem in the team’s defense. Somewhere there, Panathinaikos… went out. Boloni’s 4-4-2 seemed to work, with Kourbelis and Mauricio unable to develop the game properly and there is too much distance from the attackers. Makenda turned a few meters back for his teammates to touch there but the next phase came at 37 τα after a set ball, with Mauricio shooting and the ball counterattacking and leaving a corner. Lost penalty, goal and… heart attack on Panathinaikos was looking for a solution against the well-organized defense of Volos, which was standing exceptionally on the field, confirming its good scoring position. The greens looked trapped, but two minutes of tension and pressure brought them ahead of the score. In this pressure, Sanchez found himself in the area and shot, with the ball stopping in the hand of Sanchez of Volos and Papapetrou showing the penalty. Garavelis stopped Carlitos from 11 meters, but seconds later and after a corner kick. the Spaniard took his blood back. Mauricio turned the ball in the small area and Carlitos opened the scoring with a header in an empty net. What did Panathinaikos do from that point on? Absolutely nothing. He looked for a second goal for a few minutes from 70 ′ and then dropped the pace. Volos loaded his midfield with Nini and Bartolo showing that he was determined not to leave the game and to look for a draw. And when he saw Panathinaikos from 80 ′ onwards looking for more delays and how to sit on the scoreboard, he decided to attack. The people of Volos… smelled blood and took advantage of it, even if they had to reach the final. In the 92nd minute, Guarozena turned the ball over the penalty spot, Bartolo overtook Senkefeld and sent the ball to Dioudis’ right-hand corner for the final 1-1 at the Olympic Stadium. The top ten: Martines did everything on the pitch . He ran everywhere, created cracks, threatened, searched and found his teammates with his wonderful passes. Who was judged: Panathinaikos instead of looking for a second goal in a counter attack, wanted to sit on Carlitos 1-0. As a result, there are delays in the corner from 85 ′! Volos had nothing to lose, came out ahead and managed to leave with a draw. Why coach: Just two changes from Boloni, while he could make five! One of them is Ioan Molo, who has not played for Panathinaikos since November 2019. Panathinaikos shouted that he wanted to be pressed, but his coach did not give it to him. The first sample is negative. On the bench: Schenkefeld is not having a good football season. He lost many duels, but the main thing? He lost the most critical. At 92 ′ Bartolo overtakes him and places him for 1-1, with the Dutchman just watching. Panathinaikos: Dioudis, Sanchez, Senkefeld, Pougouras, Zagaritis, Kourbelis, Mauricio, Hatzigiovanis, Aitor (68) Ζ Bouzoukis), MakendaVolos: Garavelis, Tekio (74 ′ Ninis), Colombo, Sanchez, Ferrari, Rienstra, Barrientos (78 ′ Bartolo), Guarocena, Warda, Bartines, Douvikas News from Greece and the World, at

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