Panathinaikos: Videos, meetings and… 12 hours in Koropi for Boloni to find a solution

Panathinaikos disappointed for another game with its presence, as a result of which it remained in the tie against Volos and saw its name on the low floors of the scoreboard. The change of system of Laszlo Boloni, the presence of Mauricio and the simultaneous participation of Makenda and Carlitos did not differentiate the data, with the Romanian coach trying daily and for many hours to find solutions. Boloni had told his players in their first meeting how they will all solve the problems together and how soon the team will change its competitive face. No one, of course, can blame him for the 1-1 draw with Volos in his debut, since he only had five days at the club. Apart from the daily work he does with his players, the Panathinaikos coach remains at the training center for many more hours. It is characteristic that many times he closes even 12 hours of presence in Koropi. The meetings with his direct collaborators are many, as well as the four fours he has with his footballers. It tries to boost their self-confidence and psychology and make them believe in themselves and their potential. Boloni considers this to be the number one issue at the moment. The fact that players feel that they can “gel” against anyone. And they do not cause fear as a team to anyone. Sotiris Sylaidopoulos, who knows them very well, also plays an important role in the discussions with the footballers. And Boloni leaves him free field to work in this field. The two of them, together with Boloni’s other collaborator, Sergei Kuznetsov, watch many Panathinaikos matches in the video, with the “clover” coach wants to identify all the wrong texts so that he points them out to his footballers and they all find a solution to the problem together. Follow it on Google News and be the first to know all the news See all the latest News from Greece and the World, at

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