Panathinaikos: Mauricio, the transfer that took place late

Tassos Hatzigiovanis was the one who won the penalty and scored the winning goal for Panathinaikos against Apollon. The 23-year-old winger was also the most dangerous for Verhulst’s home, but there was one of his teammates who stole his MVP title. A footballer who has not spent a month at “Georgios Kalafatis” and did not participate in the preparation. He agreed to wear the green shortly before the end of the transfer window and yet, he has offered more than other transfers… The arrival of which is credited to Giannis Alafouzos and not the former technical director, Xavi Roca. This footballer is Mauricio. The Brazilian midfielder has managed to become a point of reference in the plan of Laszlo Boloni and has significantly improved the midfield of Panathinaikos. Most importantly, the people of Trifyllio have every reason to believe that Mauricio after the break will be even better and will increase his pace. The necessary transfer that was delayed With the acquisition of Mauricio, Dimitris Kourbelis has a high level partner. The Brazilian frames the captain of Panathinaikos with credibility and has elements that complement him. Mauricio has calm in his choices, plays safely and calmly and has the ability to step on the opponent’s area. In essence, it frees Kourbelis from the obligation to create and allows him to dedicate himself to his defensive work. This gap was not filled in the summer and Kourbelis was left alone. Yassin Ayub does not prove to be a reliable solution so far, while Sotiris Alexandropoulos and Dimitris Serpezis have talent and skills, but they need time and experience. Mauricio came to be this “cushion”, since he directly helps Panathinaikos. At the same time, due to his age (32 years old), he does not prevent the development of the two young midfielders in the long run. Coach on the field. In addition, despite the concern about his playing condition, Mauricio responds extremely well. Clearly he has not reached 100% of his readiness, but the Brazilian midfielder has the knowledge to protect his “energy bar” from exhaustion. Thus, the 32-year-old defensive midfielder can maintain his strength and have the stamina to cut Ioannidis at 83 ′ before going four-on-four with Dioudis or taking the ball at 93 ′ and winning a corner. Another point for Mauricio it is that he has established a connection with Boloni and acts as his extension in the grass. Mauricio is a brain player and serves his coach during the game. He is not afraid to direct his teammates, especially the young ones and to make remarks when necessary. The Brazilian has taken initiatives that another player in his position, with a few weeks on the roster, would have avoided. In his three years in Thessaloniki, Mauricio was a key player and had a great influence on the game, regardless of the coaches. The Brazilian midfielder had 92 appearances in all competitions, with a record of 9 goals and 4 assists. He scored or created at least once every ten games, a statistically satisfactory statistic for a defensive midfielder. He has shared an assist with Panathinaikos, in his debut in the match against Volos, when he crossed to Carlitos and he scored with a header. Follow him on Google News and be the first to know all the news. See all the latest news from Greece and the world, at

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