Panathinaikos escaped defeat in 95 ‘(2-2)

A match that had all the conditions to be the starting point of a winning streak for Panathinaikos, almost turned into a nightmare. However, thanks to Makenda’s goal in the 95th minute, it tied at 2-2 and avoided defeat by the very good OFI. who from the moment he avoided the goal in the classic opportunities of Trifyllio, has the right to feel sad that he lost the three points in the delays in “Theodoros Vardinogiannis”. He had energy, good circulation, creation and threatened in several ways. However, what Panathinaikos did not escape from were the individual mistakes. Veleth in 77 ‘, OFI won the corner from which came the 2-1 of Megiado with a header. At the same time that the players of Sylaidopoulos gave the opportunity to the home team to threaten Dioudis, they were trying to score. In the 49th minute, Carlitos showed nuggets of their value, when with a nice energy and shot he temporarily equalized. In the 65th minute, Hatzigiovanis failed for 1-2, when he alone made a bad pass against Waterman. In the end, Makenda “atoned” somewhat for the missed penalty, scoring in the last minute of the delays. After the heads of Veleth and Kourbelis, Wes hurriedly removed and the Italian who was lurking, scored. Panathinaikos may feel a little satisfaction because he finally played football, fought and avoided defeat by taking a pulse, while waiting for the takeover Laszlo Boloni and hopes for better days. However, he feels bitter because he deserved the three points but he gave them as a gift to the opponent. On the other hand, OFI, despite its absences, did not give up, touched the victory and lost it by an oligarchy. , Startzeon (80 ‘Giannou), Sardinero (88’ Vafeas), Grivas. Panathinaikos: Dioudis, Sanchez (87 ‘Pougouras), Senkefeld, Veleth, Zagaritis, Kourbelis, Alexandropoulos (62’ Serpezis) (Serpezis) Makenda, Bouzoukis (88 ‘Kampetsis), Carlitos.

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