Panathinaikos: Concerns for Ayub – The assessment of Boloni is decisive

Yassin Ayub is one of the “silverware” of Panathinaikos’ roster. The Moroccan midfielder was acquired last January to make a difference and is among the highest paid. However, so far the 26-year-old footballer has not met expectations. Ayub can has been in Greece for 10 months, but has played little with Trifylli on his chest. More specifically, the 26-year-old has played in a total of 9 games, 8 in the league and one in the Cup, having a total of 556 minutes on the field, while he has not scored a goal. Ayub has spent more time in the medical staff with his injuries than the coach with his performance. In addition, the Moroccan has presented problems in his behavior. George Donis had excluded him from the mission for a disciplinary offense, while the Danny Pogiatos had lost control with Ayub. At the beginning of the time of Laszlo Boloni in “Kalafatis” Ayub remained The Moroccan had suffered a biceps fracture on October 23 and will theoretically have recovered before the derby with Olympiakos at “Karaiskakis” on November 23. However, in the high rungs of Panathinaikos, the concern for Ayub is a given. annual salary approaching 500,000 euros and with a contract until June 2023, Ayub should be one of the “pillars” of the team. Instead, the Moroccan has offered little. Of course, it is too early to write that there are thoughts of Ayub’s future in Trifylli. However, the Greens have not been satisfied with his offer and have sent him the message that they have demands from him, based on his value and his salary. In addition, the people of Panathinaikos have asked him Bologna to evaluate Ayub at all levels. And the Romanian suggestion, when handed over to the administration, may launch developments. Follow it on Google News and be the first to see all the news See all the latest news from Greece and the world, at

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