Panathinaikos: Boloni’s influence on Hatzigiovannis pays off

The initial impression formed by Laszlo Boloni for Tassos Hatzigiovanis was related to a big mistake… The first game that Panathinaikos gave after hiring the Romanian coach was with OFI in Heraklion. Boloni did not sit on the bench and watched it on TV, but did so carefully to evaluate the roster. In this match, Hatzigiovanis did not stand out positively… The young striker acted casually and caused the phase of 1-0 by Stargeon, abusing dribbles and losing the ball outside Dioudis’s area. Where most saw a young man who has not passed the stage of being talented to become a ready player, Boloni saw a “diamond” that needs processing. The Romanian coach expressed himself from the beginning with flattering comments about Hatzigiovanis’s abilities and his football maturity is a bet for him. Hatzigiovanis has excellent qualifications and Boloni appreciates them. The 23-year-old winger has inexhaustible energy, speed, is not afraid of “one on one” and no longer neglects his suspensive duties. However, he has shortcomings in tactics… Boloni thinks that he needs to intervene in the way of thinking and decision making by Hatzigiovanis. Boloni has focused on this area and has discussed extensively with Hatzigiovanis. In the first phase, the advice of the Romanian coach pays off and the 23-year-old winger appears focused, with rational choices and correct behavior in the operation of the team. From the actions of the youngster in the attack, in the style of execution in the penalty, to the tackles of self-sacrifice in the defense in the matches with Apollon and Lamia. Apart from his indisputable virtues, if Hatzigiovanis banishes superficiality from his logic, then Panathinaikos will win a valuable football player with great value… Follow him on Google News and be the first to know all the news See all the latest News from Greece World, in

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