Panathinaikos: Boloni has decided on the eight of Faliro

Laszlo Boloni has been working for ten days on the derby with Olympiakos in Faliro. From the moment the match with Atromitos ended, the Romanian only thinks about the game against the red and whites, a match that due to the interruption for the matches of the Nationals, he had time to work on on a regular and psychological level. The Romanian coach has There are still some questions regarding the faces of the Faliro team, however, now, four days before the kick-off, he has reached the eight sure that will start in Karaiskaki. And depending on the shape, the tactics, but also the situation of some players, he will give answers to the remaining questions. Saturday derby. With Juankar returning to the starting line-up after a while, after he has overcome his injury and Kourbelis and Mauricio are considered by Boloni to be key for the development of the match, due to the position in which they play. After all, the midfield is one of the strong weapons of Olympiacos and Boloni expects a lot from their two experienced midfielders. As for the three questions, they are in the positions of stopper, left midfielder and player who will play behind him. striker in the 4-2-3-1 that the Romanian coach is expected to line up. Pougouras and Veleth are claiming a place next to Sch Σnefeld, with the chances at the moment being completely divided. It is not ruled out that Bologna will decide at the last minute for the… elite. Beyond that, on the left there is the dilemma of Aitor or Savier, with the Spaniard showing a good face in training and having a small lead, but here we must note that neither of them trained yesterday Monday. Aitor has a virus, while Xavier has been in trouble since Saturday, but there is no cause for concern. In case, however, that none of them is ready (which is difficult with today’s data), we may see Zagaritis in the back position and Juankar in front of him. As for the position behind the striker, Vigiafanies has the lead, but As the days go by, Boloni is working on another plan. That of the simultaneous use of Makenda again with Carlitos, with the Italian playing a few meters behind, more like a ten, that is, for Panathinaikos to put more pressure on Olympiakos. It is something that will be judged in the coming days, depending on the situation of Vigiafanies and how much the Argentine will be able to play. Follow it on Google News and be the first to know all the news. See all the latest news from Greece and the world, at

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