Oxford: Protection in the elderly showed the first results of the vaccine

The first results of experimental COVID-19 vaccine trials being developed by the University of Oxford in collaboration with AstraZeneca Plc show that it elicits a strong immune response in the elderly, who are the population at highest risk for the new coronavirus. What the first test results show is that this experimental vaccine activates protective antibodies and lymphocytes in older age groups, the newspaper writes at https://on.ft.com/3kxKyJI, citing two people. Encouraging researchers looking for evidence that it would protect older people from serious illness or death from COVID-19. These findings also echo data released in July, which show that vaccine elicits “strong immune responses” in a healthy group of 18- to 55-year-olds However, the FT warns that positive immunogenicity tests do not guarantee that the vaccine will ultimately be safe and effective in the elderly, the newspaper said, citing people familiar with the results of the so-called immunogenicity blood tests. The vaccine, developed by researchers at Oxford University, is considered one of the pioneers in the fight to create a vaccine that will protect against COVID-19. Details of this finding are expected to be published in a clinical review shortly, the FT added. The University of Oxford and AstraZeneca have so far not responded to a request from Reuters to comment on this news. Source: APE Greece and the World, at

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