Overthrow and qualification for Tsitsipas!

What if he was with his back to the wall when Jan Lenard Struff led 1-0 (7-6) [3]); What if he is not yet at 100%, due to the discomfort he feels from his recent injury? Stefanos Tsitsipas with an epic upset prevailed with a 2-1 set of the German and qualified for the second round of the Vienna tournament. The Greek tennis player lost the first set in the tie break with 7-3, but then increased his performance by 6 -3, 6-4 got the coveted victory. In fact, this was Stefanos’ first victory as No. 5 in the world rankings, while in the next round Tsitsipas will face Grigor Dimitrov. The Bulgarian eliminated Karen Katsanov in the first round. Stefanos finished the game with Struff having 12 aces, 55/67 points earned in his first serve and without conceding a single break, although the German reached three break points. image of the match: In the first game of the first set, Stefanos pressed and managed to reach two break points. However, the German with nice points “extinguished” the opportunities of the Greek tennis player and led 1-0. Until 5-4, the two tennis players easily kept his serve. In the 10th game, Tsitsipas lost his concentration and gave Struf the opportunity to reach three sets of points. Stefanos’ experience and quality, however, made the difference, with the Greek tennis player turning them off and tying the score at 5-5. with 7-3 he made it 1-0 in the sets. In the first part of the second set the two tennis players were comfortably holding their serve and everything showed that we will see another tie break. Stefanos led 4-3 and Struff took the balls to serve and equalize at 4-4. At that point, however, he began to make mistakes. The German went up to the net wanting to finish the points quickly, but made mistakes in stop volley and half volley. Struff’s soft hands did not work and Stefanos, taking advantage of the German’s mistakes, made the break. The Greek tennis player led 5-3 and then served correctly for 6-3 and 1-1. Stefanos entered the third set with the psychology soaring and with a break in the 3rd game he made it 2-1 and laid the foundations for the victory – qualification. The German made the net again, he did not have the right choices and Tsitsipas entered the role of driver. Then he served properly, did not give rights and reached 6-4 and 2-1. This is his 5th upset for the top Greek tennis player in 2020 and now he is focusing on the big game with Grigor Dimitrov. Follow him in Google News and be the first to know all the news See all the latest News from Greece and the World, at

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