Our heart beats the same for Samos and Smyrna

Of all the natural disasters, earthquakes have the property of making people feel helpless and at the mercy of natural forces. This is the most frightening. And of course the disasters and the danger to human lives. Earthquakes know no borders And we see this again these hours, in Samos but also in Smyrna with the collapse of the buildings and the anxiety for the fate of the people who live there. We see it with the dead on our own island, but also with the dead on the opposite People living on the shores of the Aegean in both countries face disaster and danger. Something that shows that many times the problems, emergencies, needs do not stop at the border. Common problems, common anxieties, common natural disasters. They felt the same fear when the earthquake broke out, the same anguish for their own people afterwards, the same relief when they were informed that their loved ones were well. A mood to help those in need. I see it in the anxiety and emotion that exists in Greece about the situation in Smyrna and not only about the situation in Samos. These images and these reactions show how people really feel in this corner. The waters of the Aegean may have borders that separate two states, but in reality they unite two peoples. With common historical paths, the same landscapes to inspire them, similar needs for prosperity and peace. In this earthquake, Samos was hit, hit and Smyrna. It does not matter where the damage is greater. Pain and grief are common. This only makes us sad and anxious for people’s lives. That is why it is a time of solidarity. Solidarity of peoples and societies. Follow it on Google News and be the first to know all the news. See all the latest news from Greece and the World, at

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