Our good Stefanidi, who turns them around and the bad Avgenakis who will not find his right

The Greek language is rich. So rich, rich and easy to use words for similar meanings, that when you want – and you know – to play with them, you can change position and point of view without most people realizing it! This is what they say “small details make the difference”. From Sunday night, then, all of Greece (or at least those who do not know some essential things from the inside) “supports” and “justifies” the golden Olympian, Katerina Stefanidis, because the painless political leadership has not yet found a solution to the issue of the payment of certain bonuses of medals of our champions in the indoor track. I borrow the “has not yet found a solution” from the relevant tweet of Mrs. Stefanidis, as a comment In response to the question given by the Deputy Minister of Sports, Lefteris Avgenakis. To be precise (the one we said is very important in the Greek language), Avgenakis wrote to her “you have already been informed since October 29, by me & by GGA associates will is clear: the issue will be resolved immediately & legally. I made it clear that we are proceeding with a legislative regulation. I have not heard from anyone about legislation “! Well, you say, an entire deputy minister publicly dares to tell such a lie and forces our Olympian to kick him out? Possible; But is it possible for the popular Katerina, who has raised the Greek flag to the ends of the earth, to say so? Avgenakis is on fire outside. their subject, emphasizing that they have been informed about it since October 29. What Stefanidi denied the day before. But no one stands by Avgenakis’ insistence on information on October 29 and Tuesday (yesterday) is coming. The Undersecretary of Sports posts on social media and characterizes Stefanidis’s Sunday tweet as “inappropriate” regarding the fact that they were not informed about the legislative provision in time. noise they made. No answer, no comment, on them from so many who write and talk about the bad ministry and the unfortunate Olympians and champions, whom our Katerina fortunately saves. And we reach today. Stefanidi gives an interview from the USA to OPEN and her excerpt is shown on the channel’s news. And what does our gold medalist say? From the text “έχω I have absolutely no information… I have not heard from anyone about legislation” on Sunday night, to “με we received an official answer for the first time” on Wednesday at noon! Do they look like? Of course. It’s the same; No, if you are an observer: From “no information” we went to 60 hours to the “official answer” and not to the normal and pure “answer”! Why; Because, obviously, Katerina had an unofficial answer for us. That information that Avgenakis insisted for so many days that he had given her on October 29. Tombola! But no one will look for Stefanidi or note her obvious inconsistency. Her lie, which kicked the deputy minister. The roles have been pre-decided by the audience. Our good princess, even if the bad monarch is lying, and to tell the truth, no one justifies him. Ah, this is the Greek language… PS: The duties to your mother, Mr. Stefanidis Katerina! Follow it at Google News and be the first to know all the newsSee all the latest News from Greece and the World, at

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