Opposition… cheap for Golden Dawn

When some people think that with unfounded opposition slogans, they will make news, accusing them of lies and propaganda, this opposition does not just become false, it becomes blatant and cheap. previous SYRIZA government that, with its laws, the convicted gold diggers will be able, in a very short time, to get permits from the prisons and in a correspondingly short time to ask to be transferred to the semi-free regime of rural prisons, where every day of evaluation counts threefold. The truth is one and it hurts those who know well what they have done. Regarding the permits: According to paragraph 3 of article 1 of Law 4274/2014, by which the Penitentiary Code was amended, the convicted gold diggers would be kept in type prisons DG. By the same Law and in the same article (1), but in paragraph 11 thereof, the Law was also clear: “To the detainees in type C detention centers […] no licenses are granted. ”Therefore, the gold diggers would not receive licenses. However, one of the first legislations of SYRIZA, Law 4322/2015, which went down in history as the famous “Law of Paraskevopoulos”, in addition to the large number of prisoners, abolished the prisons type DG. Based on the above, I wonder : what is the lie of the phrase that SYRIZA law allows goldsmiths to get a license ?? For rural prisons: In an irrelevant legislation (cohabitation agreement), Christmas Eve 2015 (article 41 Law 4356/2015), and so that no one realizes it, SYRIZA decided to change the conditions for transfers to rural prisons Prisons: In order for a prisoner with a sentence of more than 10 years to be transferred to a rural store, it is now enough to have served 1/5 of his sentence. In the case of goldsmiths, regardless of the inability to transfer to a rural store if were kept in the DG-type prisons abolished by SYRIZA, in any case, in a very short time from now, they will be able to be transferred to a rural store. Those who have not been sentenced to less than 10 years can now! Therefore, I wonder again: what is the lie in the phrase that according to SYRIZA law, goldsmiths can go to rural prisons earlier? So, those who make baseless accusations, it is good to read the recent history of legislation, especially when legislators were the ones who support it. But also to see the present legislation and the tightening of conditions for both licenses and transfers to rural prisons, with legislation already ready from the beginning of summer. Then they may understand who is doing propaganda. Sofia Nikolaou is General Secretary of Anti-Crime Policy Follow it on Google News and be the first to know all the news See all the latest news from Greece and the world, at

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