OPEKEPE: Circular for the special administrative controls

Circular on the “Audit Procedures of the basic aid scheme and other support schemes & measures within the framework of the CAN. (EU) 1306/2013 & 229/2013 ». Specifically, according to a circular of OPEKEPE, the special administrative control for the examination of complaints related to legal possession of agricultural parcels or targeted controls after risk analysis is carried out in accordance with the provisions of CIRCULARS INTEGRATED SYSTEM of each year.1. For privately owned parcels, the certificate of declared property status (E9) of the audited year of aid, of the owner of the parcel is checked and the provided proofs of legal ownership are presented such as contracts, proof of transfer to the mortgage office, registration number etc. For the rented parcels, the rental documents attached to the farmer’s file during the submission of the EAE are checked. In case the rental document does not meet the requirements the parcel is zeroed. In case the rental document meets the requirements then the applicant farmer is asked to submit scanned by e-mail or in clear photocopies by mail, the following justifiably (E9) of the lessor’s audited year and b) Land titles (temporary or permanent) if there are either notarial deeds of purchase, or acceptance of donation, or acceptance of inheritance, or parental benefit and their transfer certificates or transcripts and certificates or concessions and their transfer certificates or administrative acts (Decision of the Prefect / Regional Governor, Ministerial Decision) and the transfer certificates / Government Gazette for publication, etc.) in case the lessor is a Legal Entity, the statute of the said Legal Entity, as well as legal documents of his representative, who is authorized to sign the leases. In case the corresponding case documents are not submitted, the plot will be zeroed. In case the area of ​​the plot mentioned in E9 and / or in the documents of point b), after the application of the lessor’s co-ownership percentage, is less than the one declared to the EAE, as the area determined in the special administrative control, the smallest area resulting from E9 or the supporting document of point b) will be registered. In case of differences in the declared location of in the EAE with the position – place name referred to in E9 and / or in the supporting document of point b) and provided that the supporting document is not accompanied by a topographic diagram dependent on EGSA 87, the auditors will determine as eligible , as long as it is identified at the municipal community level. Differences between the declared in the EAE and the use of the area mentioned in E9 (field – arable land – arboreal – forest area – pasture) and / or in the supporting document of point b), do not imply cat; rejection of the parcel, but will be dealt with at the discretion of the auditors, after an investigation that will have as main criterion the eligibility of the parcel for Basic Aid, according to the cartographic background of OPEKEPE and the latest satellite images it is found that the total area of ​​a parcel leased to more than one EAE submitter, as shown in E9 or the supporting document in point (b), exceeds the sum of the area of ​​the parcels in question declared by area will be obtained by proportional reduction of the area declared by the tenants, so that the new sum is equal to the lowest price between those mentioned in E9 and the justification of point b). Follow it on Google News and find out all the news first See all Latest News from Greece and the World, at

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