Online stores in Black Friday rhythms

In the midst of the coronavirus pandemic and with the ban on the operation of physical retail stores valid until November 30, this year’s Black Friday will definitely be a very different “Black Friday” for consumers. According to research conducted by IELKA (Institute Retail Consumer Research) about 2 million consumers will make purchases during this time period, which in recent years has usually lasted several days. In terms of average spending, it is estimated that on average these 2 million consumers will make purchases worth around € 140 on average. The majority, 32% estimate that they will make small purchases, up to 50 euros, 27% purchases from 51 to 100 euros while it is noteworthy that 9% will make large purchases over 500 euros. The estimated turnover for businesses based on these data amounts to 280 million euros. According to IELKA, the ongoing traffic ban will further increase the percentage of sales made through online stores, while the amount of total sales is not expected to be substantially affected. “This Black Black Friday, it is important to support Greek online stores, for to support the Greek economy in this way “points out speaking to APE-MPE Katerina Fraidaki, president of the Hellenic E-Commerce Association (GR.EC.A), As she characteristically states:” The period we are going through is an important challenge for everyone. We try to adapt to new conditions, with new data, in a very short time. “The Hellenic E-Commerce Association, according to Ms. Fraidaki, observing the needs and challenges created during the lockdown period, conducts continuous research with the main goal mapping the market and the problems that may arise. “An even more demanding week is opening before us, given the existence of Black Friday,” the president of the Association notes in APE-MPE. Some suggestions to the consumer public in order to receive the maximum of the electronic shopping experience, according to Mrs. Fraidaki, is to make purchases from online stores that carry loyalty marks, such as the GRECA Trustmark. This way they can know that the online store has been evaluated by a third party independent. They also need to make card payments, as this is one of the safest methods and can help complete the process faster. Consumers should remember that behind every business in the e-business chain, the greatest possible effort is made to immediately serve the consumer public, while they should communicate with companies and with asynchronous means, e.g. email and chat, so that they can be served more directly and not wait at the call center. Remote shopping in the midst of a pandemic As this year’s shopping will only be done remotely with the consumer public familiar with the e-shopping pandemic, large electrical and electronics items but also large e-shops started earlier than ever the ads with information about the offers of their products that reach up to 60% every day with a climax on Friday, November 27. On the opposite side are the small shops which seem weak to manage the new situation. As the president of the Piraeus Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the Regional Chamber of Attica, Vassilis Korkidis, stated in his recent statements to APE-MPE “only 17% of small commercial enterprises have a fully functional e-shop” adding that “the smallest of trade they are justifiably more cautious because after 9 years of economic crisis and 9 months of pandemic they do not have the big stocks, nor the profit margins to sell new merchandise with big discounts, just before the Christmas market “. Significant problems with the distribution of orders have so far arisen. However, it remains unknown whether the “smooth” operation of e-shopping will continue given that the volume of orders is expected to take off on Black Friday. In view of the commercial offers of Black Friday on November 27, the General Secretariat of Commerce and Consumer Protection issued instructions to consumers, advising them to be especially careful when conducting their online transactions and to check whether the following information is provided by the online stores: the identity of the supplier (full company name, contact numbers, e-mail, postal address, TIN and number GEMI), the main characteristics of the product, the total price of the product (including taxes, charges, shipping costs, any costs in case of return, etc.), availability, method of payment and shipping of the product, the right to unjustified, non-refundable withdrawal and return of the product within 14 days of receipt, Mr. as well as the policy of returning the company’s products in case of exercising this right. Please note that a website is secure if a security icon is displayed (a lock on the top left of the browser and an email address starting with https: //). The General Secretariat for Trade and Consumer Protection also advises consumers not to provide sensitive data unless it is absolutely confident in the security of the website, to ignore the offers that appear in their spam and prefer to trade with online stores known to them. In cases of unknown online stores and before proceeding with the transaction, investigate their reputation on the internet and keep a record of their transactions. Source ΑΠΕ-ΜΠΕ Follow it on Google News and be the first to know all the news See all the latest news from Greece and World, in

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