On the road set by InstaShop and Softomotive

“These are companies that have the prospect of achieving great success and becoming the next success story of Greece, following the path set by Endeavor member companies such as Instashop and Softomotive.” This excerpt comes from an information note that accompanies the new initiative of Endeavor Greece, the Greek arm of an international non-profit organization that “selects and supports fast-growing companies around the world, capable of transforming local economies.” True, if one has the time and inclination to drive to the Endeavor site, one will “see” the faces of these companies participating in its network. More specifically, a member of the Endeavor network is Giannis Tsioris, co-founder of InstaShop which operates in the Middle East and North Africa region and which was acquired by the German Delivery Hero – a leading force in the international firm of online food orders. of the same network are the co-founders of Softomotive, Argyris Kaninis and Marios Stavropoulos, a company acquired by Microsoft. At https://endeavor.org.gr/el/entrepreneurs/ you could see the members of the Network from Greece, typical representatives of a new wave of entrepreneurship that invests in innovation and extroversion. One of the latest additions to the network is that of Faia Christodoulou, co-founder of the company Miroculus with international recognition. The company “has developed a new operating system for the life sciences. It is a toolbox that includes an instrument, a plastic consumable and a software, which will allow thousands of scientists, engineers, hospitals and laboratory technologists around the world to create, communicate, download and manage the most complex protocols. Miroculus has also developed a proprietary technology, Miro Technology, based on digital microfluidics to automate and miniaturize genomic protocols, such as the preparation of the New Generation sequencing library, the biology, gene processing and combinatorial chemistry with a small and easy-to-use system. Miroculus intellectual property includes over 25 patent applications to 13 patent families. Miro technology uses electromechanical forces to activate droplets on the surfaces of insulated electrodes, without the need for oil immersion or direct contact with an electronic system “(information from the Endeavor site). But, back to the beginning. In the excerpt from the announcement of the new initiative and reading the content of the announcement we can rightly ask ourselves whether tomorrow Eleftheria Zourou of the Doctoranytime platform could be next to Faye Christodoulou. This is because Eleftheria Zourou and the company she founded and successfully runs in the field of health services are among those selected to participate in the first cycle of the Endeavor Scale-up program, the new program of Endeavor Greece, which selects and supports the following rapidly growing entrepreneurs in the field of technology. The program includes: From the Data & Analytics sector Baresquare and Convert Group, from Healthcare Brainomix, Feel, Doctoranytime, Lifebit, Saphetor and Intelligencia, Deepsea from Marinetech and Netronix from IoT Smart Cities. Norbloc and Oktopay were selected from the Fintech industry, Tomorrow (MoRo) from Automotive / Smartcities, Proto.io and Geekbot from ESS and Spotawheel from the eCommerce industry. Finally, the program includes Augmenta from Agritech and Hack The Box from Cyber ​​Security. Funding Endeavor has chosen to further open its network, through the Endeavor Scale-Up program, to even more promising companies, which have so far succeeded either a) to receive a total funding of more than € 5m, or b) to have accumulated in their Seed round more than € 2m, or c) to have a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) that exceeds 75% in the last 3 years As I read in an information note that explains the new initiative: “The selection of companies is done through a Local Selection Panel, which consists of members of the Board of Directors and mentors of the organization. Every six months, the evaluators meet with the prospective entrepreneurs and will select the next 10 companies to be included in the program. Participation in the Endeavor Scale-up program will last from 6 to 18 months and aims to contribute early to the international development of the selected companies and ultimately lead to their integration into the global network of Endeavor, as Endeavor Entrepreneurs. During the program, entrepreneurs will gain access to strategic guidance from specialist mentors, funding through Endeavor’s international investor network, and talent, leveraging the organization’s collaboration with universities and businesses internationally. Also, the selected companies will have the opportunity to participate in international events, thus gaining access to the network and the members of the organization worldwide. ”Panagiotis Karambinis, CEO of Endeavor Greece, in his statements about the new program states the following “Endeavor, from 1997 until today, has selected in its global network 2,089 entrepreneurs from 40 countries that have the potential – and many have already succeeded – to succeed globally. With the know-how and experience that the organization has for 23 years in selecting and supporting fast-growing entrepreneurs, we know what features of a company make it stand out, and therefore increase its chances of future success. ”Follow it on Google News and be the first to know See all the latest News from Greece and the World, at

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