Olympiacos: When you lose from… 862 million euros

What analyzes can be made around a game where a Greek team is called to face a giant of world football? How many… minus can you find in a game where you have in front of you a – not only football but also – financial giant? Rhetorical questions. From those who have the smell of football, they can answer them without thinking too much. Manchester City is the most expensive team on the planet. It is a club that has spent billions to claim its goals. It has the best and most expensive coach in Europe. And a roster that makes you dizzy reading its market value. On Tuesday night, City had absences. Like Aguero, one of its best and most expensive footballers. Laporte and Dias. Medi and Fernandinho. Expensive players. And yet, the value in money of those who played yesterday? In particular, according to the reliable website transfermarkt, which records in addition to statistics and the value of each player on the football stock market, Pep Guardiola used yesterday players worth a total of 862 million euros. In short? 862 million euros vs Olympiacos 3-0. This is the reality. And if there were those who were missing? We would be talking about over one billion euros. Dizziness. Let’s see in detail how much each footballer that Guardiola used last night costs: Anderson 56 cm. Walker 40 cm. Stones 25 cm. 120 cm. Fontaine 60 cm. Mahrez 48 cm. Sterling 128 cm. Jesούςs 60 cm. Cancello 36 cm. Rodri 64 cm Bernardo Silva 80 cm. Follow it on Google News and be the first to know all the news and the World, at

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